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Nate’s Football-themed birthday

Here’s the details to Nate’s birthday/dedication. Thanks to all who helped make this a success! πŸ™‚

Back when our little Nate was still young, I was already starting to plan for a theme for him. I then thought about my husband, Dane who was a football goal keeper when he was in High School and told him I wanted a football themed design on his 1st birthday (and of course Dane agreed without any hesitation! πŸ™‚ Thanks to Google and Pinterest, we were able to gather football themed ideas for a DIY party.

The team:
I was blessed to have my sister and a friend that lived with us help me do all the lettering and cuttings. Good thing it’s summer so they didn’t have any schedule at school. I planned the designs and ask them to help me out. During decoration time, it was the entire family that cleaned the place and decorated the church. A church mate also helped us cook the food.

People behind the success – our family (there are 3 others who helped and not in the photo: Sarah, Ate Mylene and Ate Tata)

The Place:
The event was held in the church where we attend Sunday worships but we did the decorations ourselves – me with the help of Dane and I’s family. We made the banners and the lettering. And I’ve asked help from a friend good at Photoshop to layout my Nate’s birthday & dedication invitation. He worked on the design and we worked on the invitation envelopes and had them printed. He also worked on the layout of the birthday giveaways for adults – a key chain. And we worked on the giveaway bags for kids using a brown bag.

Half Time Meal Area

There are 5 stations on event venue:
1. Half-time meal – where we had all the food served including some desserts.
2. Nate’s field – where I placed his photos, some of his toys and books, scrapbook with his ultrasound, pregnancy test results, developmental milestones, first tickets and all. Also had 2 of his photos on a frame and I placed the laptop at the center for a slideshow of his photos (I unfortunately didn’t a clear photo of it).
3. Giveaway bleachers – where we placed all the giveaways
4. Gifts corner – for all the presents.
5. Sweets dug-out – where we put all the cakes and our DIY cupcakes. I loved all the DIY stuff we made, but if I were to choose which I like the most, it’s the DIY cupcakes and the cupcake stand.

Nate’s Field and Giveaway Bleachers area

The Stage:
We wanted it say it’s his birthday and his dedication but we don’t want to just say “Birthday and Dedication” so I wrote “Elnathan @ one” and a bible verse about Samuel being dedicated to the Lord. I made the lettering (but no, I’m not good at lettering, I just traced those, lol!) and my sister helped cutting them out. We made all the banners where I used some of his monthly photos.


The Cakes & Cupcakes:
Since cupcakes are so expensive when purchased, I decided to DIY it. The problem is I don’t know how to bake! lol! So I made a trick and a Lemon-Square dream cakes, made the icing (with just butter, confectioner’s sugar and vanilla as ingredients). We bought crinkles and put them on top (that way they don’t know that we’re not good at designing cupcake frosting! lol!). My sister and I also made the cupcake stand. We also made those football sticks to put on top of the cupcakes. Then I bought a red ribbon cake to top it all, our original plan was a football fondant cake but it was also expensive so I backed out (I’m so kuripot!). Then I bought a Goldilocks cake too.

The Games:
We had the most common games for adults and children during reception but it was fun. We had paper dance, trip to Jerusalem, etc. The photos are taken by a very talented church mate, her name is Joy and she never failed to take wonderful pictures!


A. Round Cake – red ribbon
B. Rectangle Cake – Goldilocks
C. Cupcakes – Lemon Square Dream Cake
D. T-shirt printing – Ever Gotesco Commonwealth
E. Keychains and invitations – Chesterbytes Comp Printing Services
F. Photo Prints – Tronix (EverGo Commonwealth branch)
G. Photoshop design layouts – Mr. Amante Tolentino
H. Photography – Ms. Norbie Joy Lanzaderas
I. Host – Ms. Agnes Anne Lanzaderas
J. Balloons and other party needs – Commonwealth (where things are a lot cheaper, lol)

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35 Replies to “Nate’s Football-themed birthday”

  1. Nate is already ONE? Hehehe matagal na pala ako hindi nag CommEx.. Anyway, It is really fun and exciting to DIY birthday parties for our kids, I did some for my girl too but not all because were short handed, yung yaya lang ng baby ko ang tumulong sa akin kaya kaunti lang DIYs..hehehe Yours was superb, galing ng preparation. Congrats Mommy!

  2. Nice sis. DIYs is very tiring but when you see naman the results, nakaalis na ng pagod. We also had DIYs party for our son since his first birthday. And he will turn 5 na next month, sa school daw sya magcelebrate πŸ™‚

  3. Really looked for this post! I'm planning on my son's christening/birthday. I'm actually planning on a basketball theme party and looking for pegs online. Ang galing how you improvised sa cupcakes haha, might do that pag hindi kaya ng budget ang iquote na price sakin. πŸ™‚

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