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Nate’s 1st Birthday and Dedication

Last week has been a very busy (and frustrating at some point because of my Bayantel DSL intermittent connection) week for us. We were all tired but happy at the end of the week at the outcome of Nate’s 1st birthday and dedication day on May 9th.

We’ve decided to do a football themed party for his 1st birthday & dedication celebration. I’m not sure if I was able to completely emphasized the theme but I think it turned out pretty well (see for yourself and tell me if it justified the theme, lol!).

To those who don’t know what a dedication is, it’s just like “Christening” the children, the only difference is that it’s presided by a Pastor instead of a priest and there’s no water baptism involved. The child is just prayed over and dedicated to the Lord. The same happened back in the bible times with Jesus and the prophet Samuel when they were dedicated to the Lord at their very young age.

OK, going back to Nate’s birthday, we started late (as usual). I’ve originally announced a 3pm start date in the invitations with the intention that we could start an hour after but we were late for I think about 1:15 mins. We started with singing children songs and solemn songs then proceeded with the dedication proper. We had an inspiring message from our dear Ptr. Boni and we were all reminded and encouraged to do our best to raise our children the way God wanted us to be. We, the parents and the godparents vowed to help rear the child to the knowledge of God. I always love dedications (kahit dati pa na ninang lang ako).

The kids rendered a song I taught them it’s entitled “More Like Christ”, I love this song so much because it taught us to strive to be more and more like Christ.

Here are some of the many photos on Nate’s 1st birthday and dedication. These are taken my of course, my very own Norbie Joy Lanzaderas and I’m telling you, this girl is really skilled and amazing at taking photos. They’re all very lovely. (Btw, Nate wasn’t very cooperative the entire time, he was fussy, overwhelmed and uncomfortable but it was still a great experience).

FamShirt πŸ™‚
Sleepy toddler
1 Samuel 1:28 “Therefor also, I have lent him to the LORD; as long as he liveth, he shall be lent to the LORD.”
Family Photo (with the silly looking kiddos :D)
Nate’s speech: “aaaahhhh” lol 
Photo opp with the kids. πŸ™‚
brethren who came all the way from Bulacan (thank you so much!)
with some of the godparents 
Dedication service

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19 Replies to “Nate’s 1st Birthday and Dedication”

  1. A very happy birthday to Nate! I hope he w ill grow up to be a fine young man.

    Thank you too for telling us how dedication differs from baptism. I hear it a lot from our neighbors.

  2. Checking all the pictures, everybody was smiling so you really had a great birthday celebration and dedication. Happy birthday Nate!

  3. I love theme party, mainly because I love to set up themed dessert table. I must say you did a great job. Good thing you found people who are ready to help you. Belated Happy Birthday to Nate. May he grew up to be a loving person. I'm sure he will, because he has great parents! (wink)


  4. Happy 1st birthday, Nate! I love the color green! My son was also sleepy and fuzzy when we celebrated his 1st birthday. Pero sa mga sumunod na simple parties at home, happy na siya at cooperative!

  5. Ang ganda ng family shirt nyo! Did you DIY it?
    Happy birthday to Nate, and congratulations to the very proud parents!
    Looks like it was a super fun event πŸ™‚

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