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We are in Baguio! :)

Last April 1 at 11pm, we readied to leave for Baguio to attend the Luzon Grace Youth Conference (LGYC). LGYC is an annual conference/fellowship of single young people and this time, it’s held in Baguio! woooooh!!! No, we’re no longer singles. lol. But Baguio is just something to look forward to so Dane and I made sure we join this fellowship. It’s Dane’s 3rd, my second and Nate’s first here. I will post more about this fellowship time permitting but for now, here are some of our photos here in Baguio, where everything is freezing at night and a little hot during noon time. There’s just so many things to love about Baguio, hehe.

An afternoon photo, taken by my sister, Ashiel

I think Nate loves it here 🙂 It’s cold and breezy

One of the photos taken while on our way to the venue

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