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Nate’s First Haircut and What to Expect During Your Child’s First Haircut

Let me tell you something, when I was pregnant, never did it crossed our minds that Nate would have a curly hair (who would’ve when both Dane and I have really straight hairs, right?). So when Nate came out, the first time I saw him, I was totally caught off guard. I just didn’t see that coming and honestly, I was a bit sad when I saw him with curly hair. However, when his hair started growing, I started loving it, his hair’s so shiny, black, smooth and perfectly curly! Just look at this one: 

Nate’s perfect curls!

His curls would’ve been so wonderful if they stay that way ’til he grows up, but he’s a boy and boys’ hairs are known to be short (except for others who want longer hair. Well, I don’t want him to have a really long hair too). After some sort of discussions with Dane, we finally decided to have his hair cut. Our plan before was to wait ’til he’s 1 year old but we couldn’t wait anymore.

1. It’s summer, he feels so hot with his hair
2. His hairs so long, they cover his eyes already
3. Many thought he’s a girl! lol!
4. My parents suggested it.

Before we cut his hair, we’d use a ponytail on his hair so it won’t cover his eyes, otherwise it’ll look like this:

So yesterday, we went to Ever Gotesco Mall to have his hair cut. To our surprise, he was very happy and friendly. When he’s with people he’s not familiar with, he’s usually snob so I thank him so much for being very cooperative. But during the later part, he got bored and started crying. Thankfully, the barber was very patient with him even though he was jumping up and down! Dane took a video during the haircut but so funny how everything was paused without his knowledge until Nate’s hair’s all gone!

The all happy and excited Nate, amazed by all the new things he saw

We said goodbye to Nate’s curly hair. I was sad to see his hair being cut. I’m being OA right now but I was a bit emotional. lol! Honestly, I came totally unprepared. I thought it would be easy but it wasn’t. I know there are barber shops that have really cool stuff to keep babies and kids stay but this shop we went to was just a regular barber shops and we don’t know where to find those types of shops. Here’s what we can expect and be ready for during our child’s first haircut:

1. Expect to sit on “that” chair. No, your baby’s not sitting on that chair (plus, the chair’s huge, he’s not gonna stay still! haha. So you, we mothers are the ones to sit on that chair while carrying him.

2. Expect a lot of cut hair on you and your baby. Nate didn’t like the cover they use, he takes them off so the barber decided not to use it anymore. And, we forgot to put it on me instead. wahaha! So I was all messed with Nate’s hair.

3. Prepare extra clothes. This one’s a must (and I know now). On his next haircut, I’ll definitely bring extra clothes not only for him but also for me.

4. Prepare your tricks so he’d sit still. I think it took about 7-9 minutes for the barber to cut his hair. Nate was very active so it took longer. I had to do something para matapos na agad and I had to use all the hidden talents I have to get his attention so he’ll stay and not move because if not, he’ll go grab the scissors, the combs and the brushes! lol!

5. Expect the feeling of shock. When your baby’s hair is lengthy, just like Nate’s and it suddenly becomes very short, you’ll get a mixed emotion! haha. May shock factor talaga sya!!! I think it was funny how Dane and I kept staring at him for a few minutes. I personally think Nate has changed, his entire being is what I meant, I don’t know. hahaha. When we arrived home, they were all laughing to see him with a very short hair. Tumawa lang din si baby. Nakakatuwa!

I hope these tips can help you in preparing for your child’s first haircut! πŸ™‚ Oh, and before I forget, here’s Nate’s before and after photo:

Nate’s long and curly hair versus the new trimmed hair. πŸ™‚

What was your experience during your child’s first haircut? I’d love to know your story. πŸ™‚

41 Replies to “Nate’s First Haircut and What to Expect During Your Child’s First Haircut”

  1. I have daughters so we didn't have a first hair cut only a trim. It took a long time to get them to accept a trim so I understand your situation… I love both hair styles/looks on your son..

  2. I could totally relate. I remember bringing Kyle for his first haircut. He could not sit still even if there's a Barney video in front of him. Good thing, the kid salon staff was very patient about the whole thing. And he was happy to be given free sweets for being a good boy later. By the way, I also love the curls of your son, ang cute!

  3. My daughter is already 1 and a half but her hair is still uncut until now, haha. On Nate's next haircut, you can try Cuts 4 Tots, it's a hair salon for kids, and you won't need that much tricks there like sitting on the barber's chair yourself. Their chairs are cars and they have videos playing in front of the kids. It still depend on the kids if they still can't sit still but you might not have as much trouble as you'll have with the salon for adults.

  4. My daughter didn't have much hair when she was born, and we have this belief that in order for more hair to grow we had to shave her head. We did so, but she still doesn't have that much hair haha. I agree with your suggestions regarding our expectations, so totally true. Btw your son really rocks his new hair cut!

  5. Thank you for your recommendation. I hope I can find cuts 4 Tots nearby, if I do and can have a haircut for Nate there next time, I'll make another post and make sure to thank you! πŸ˜€

  6. my daughter used to cry each time! she would also cry when i used to get haircuts. hahaha i think she thought it hurts because of the scissors and everything. lasted til she was about 2 years old. hahaha

  7. I remember when Matt had his first haircut. I was sitting on barber chair too. We had him kalbo as his first haircut. Guess who get mad after the haircut? My father. hahaha

  8. Nice hair cut. I remember I used to cut the kids hair in the bath as it wasn't too intimidating by doing so. We didn't bring them to barbers as it was really expensive to visit a kiddy one.

  9. My nephew had his first hair cut when he was already two. He sported a long hair that many mistake him for a girl. He went for a skinhead for his first haircut.No crying. It was us who felt nostalgic about his long hair.

  10. Pogi na lalo ni kuya with his new do! Buti cooperative sya during his first cut. Nakakahinayang kasi kung sa huli kakargahin mo din sya and parehas kayong puro ginupit na buhok tapos mahal pa binayad mo for that haircut.

  11. My son first hair cut a month after his first birthday, he enjoyed it lalo na when he was sitting in the car and watching mickey mouse in the screen. I never experienced na nag iiyak cya during his hair cut he enjoyed every moment

  12. Haha. I love this post. I remember exactly when my son had his first haircut. I had to sit on the barber's chair just so the barber can cut his hair without problems.

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