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Wow! In less than a month, Nate will turn 1!!! OMG! I almost can’t believe it! The past 11 months were a series of trial and errors, happiness, pure joy, challenge and crazy moments with Dane and I trying to raise Nate in the best possible way we can! This baby just doesn’t cease to amaze us all the time! He’s such a sweet boy!

Dane and I are already preparing for his upcoming birthday and dedication (most of us know this as ‘christening) next month and we’re trying to do things us planned but should be bounded on our set budget. I will be talking more about Nate’s upcoming birthday and dedication in my following posts. In the mean time, here are his developmental milestones:

– Speech development is growing rapidly. He talks almost every time. I’ve learned that baby talking him may not help while he’s developing so we try to converse him in the most simple and conversational way possible. πŸ™‚ It’s really cute every time he tries to talk! 

– Can tell us what he needs and wants; if not verbally, by pointing or grunting, which is a far cry from the beginning. He’s also showing this attitude where he shows us if he’s frustrated and wants his own way. 

– He’s still completely breastfed and doesn’t want formula when we had him try to taste it. I’m not planning on starting to introduce him to formula just yet so there’s not much rush on us on that part. 

– We are amazed by him everyday of what he’s capable of doing and what he learned, it’s just wonderful. He keeps pointing on things now and observes a lot. 

–  Pays more attention to what’s going on around him, which in turn develops new fears. He sometimes suddenly cry and cling to us when he hears unfamiliar sounds, such as a dog barking next door, the blender or a yell. 

– Pulls my shirt/blouse when he wants a “dede”. 

– Stands on his own for a few seconds and (still) walks by holding on to something. 

– Is very active now compared when he was fatter. Moves almost all the time! It could be because he can handle his weight now that he’s lighter. 

– Is confident on the people he knows and smile at them every time. But is a total snob to those he doesn’t see very often. 

– His “mama” is his remedy! He literally just want to be with me all the time! It’s really sweet but tiresome at the same time! lol! 

– Loves songs! Funny how we can stop him from his tantrums just by singing his favorite song! There’s not a day that Dane doesn’t sing this song to pacify him! It’s not a nursery rhymes nor a children’s song! Let me share it to you. It’s “Live like that” by the Sidewalk Prophets. Nate absolutely loves this song and we don’t even know why! πŸ™‚

We were in Baguio on April 5th, which is why I was late on posting his 11th month update – number one, and number two –  also the reason why I haven’t had the chance to take a photo of him with his ‘white onesie’ on in our room (which is what I usually do every month). But I have a lot of photos of him taken when we were in Baguio and I’ll be very happy to use those instead.

Warning: Nate’s photos below are flooding! πŸ™‚
Photos (c) Norbie Joy Lanzaderas


I love this photo sooo much!

Nate with Ninang Ems (left) and Auntie Beb (Right)

Angels can flyyyy!

Nate with Mama and Papa (Nate’s first trip to Baguio)
“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.”
(author unknown)

33 Replies to “NATE’S 11th MONTH UPDATE”

  1. Completely breastfed, that's nice. I wanted that for my baby, too, kaso mahina breastmilk ko, bitin sya, so formula talaga, sayang stay-at-home mom pa naman ako. I hope you have everything booked by now, specially the important ones. I'll be looking forward on your post about his birthday celebration.

  2. Babies sometimes have weird tastes in music. I remember my nephew loves Red Hot Chilli Pepper's songs growing up. Good luck organizing Nate's Dedication. He is sooo cute by the way!

  3. Oh my gosh how totally adorable! I'm reminded of the time my son turned 1, too. That was a major milestone! Your on the right track about speaking skills. No need to buy programs or anything; you just need to talk to baby as if he's a grownup. πŸ™‚

  4. Cherish every moment with your baby, sis. Time flies really fast! My daughter is 3 and will be going to preschool na this June and I still can't help to get emotional whenever I see photos of her infant days. Nakakaiyak!

    Enjoy the part prep, by the way. πŸ™‚

  5. I played the song by Sidewalk Prophets that you included in your post. They sound really good. Great song. I think Nate likes the song maybe because even now, he has an awareness that God has a call in his life πŸ™‚ God bless πŸ™‚

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