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Luzon Grace Youth Conference (LGYC) 2015

This is probably my very last post about our visit to Baguio. This is the main reason why we went there – to attend a fellowship. If not all, most of the youth in our churches get excited to fellowships. It’s a gathering-in-one; meet new friends, learn new things, study the word of God, worship together and go to new places (who would not even be excited for that?).

This year’s Luzon Grace Youth Conference (LGYC) was held in the summer capital of the Philippines – Baguio! LGYC is a gathering of the young people (young by age and young by heart, hehe) of the Grace Gospel Churches in Luzon. Dane and I were regular attendees of this conference before. Now that we’re married, we can’t be a delegate anymore but guests like us can definitely still attend, we can be chaperons, guides, or just ordinary attendees.

Theme: “Strengthening the Youth in a Toxic World”
Text: 2 Timothy 2:22 (“So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.”)
Guest Speaker: Ptr. Moreto Rebana (Executive Director – Thing to Come, Inc)
Venue: Philippine BELL International School   
Date: April 2 – 5,2015

This year’s theme is “Strengthening the Youth in a Toxic World”. Nowadays, youth face so many challenges everyday and it’s inevitable that they also face temptations. We are now surrounded with so many “toxins” that we need to overcome (this doesn’t even just apply to young people, this is for everyone). Sometimes, when a defense is not strong enough, a person easily gets influenced by the negative things around him or her, which is why in this toxic world, we need to make sure we are strengthened by God’s word.

some of the participants during the conference
With the youth from Pasig Church
The conference was indeed very successful, this year’s LGYC was participated by more than 400 young people and many Pastors, bible women and church workers. The number was overwhelming and to be honest, I don’t know how many all in all were there (I didn’t ask the registration committee either. hehe). During the last night’s worship service, the young people were challenged to come to repentance and accept Jesus as their personal savior and Lord as well as well as the others were challenged to actively participate in the church ministry. 
Delegates waiting in line for their meals
Manila and Isabela delegates

I’m pretty sure everyone had a great time and I hope that things taught during lectures and sermons will not go in vain. Dane and I, personally grew up attending conferences so for us, it’s like a part of our lives already. And I’m happy that even though we now have our own family, we were still able to attend.

Sharing some of the MANY photos during the conference. All photos © Norbie Joy Lanzaderas
cheerers. 🙂
Valenzuela delegates
Manila delegates in The Mansion during our tour
Ladies during a basketball game
Speakers and lecturers during the conference – our pastors
Mime presentation during one of the worship services from Bicol delegates
Ptr Balbin, one of the lecturers, conducting a lecture
I didn’t see this but I was told this presentation was really wonderful
Taekwondo presentation of the gospel
Youth busy on a team building
Team Building
Evening worship service

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