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Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Visit

Our church mates/friends who also have a baby invited us to take our little ones to Wildlife and we’ve been planning for a few weeks already but it always gets cancelled. We were finally able to go there last Monday, March 9th. Before, we would only have double dates when we go outside, now that we have kids, I don’t know what it’s called anymore but it’s a “2-family date” of some sort. Lol.

The view of the lake from where we stayed

We had a really great time, we brought our baons and arrived at around 10:30 AM. It was a very busy Monday, after 3 years of working at home, I forgot/never realized we were going with the rush hour. Although it wasn’t traffic in Commonwealth Avenue, our friends had a hard time looking for a vehicle to ride since there were too many passengers. It was our babies’ first time to be in Wildlife and I think they had fun as well. We stayed near the lake and settled with our mats/blankets and food ready. Lying down under the tree and just staying there, chatting is the best part. We all needed that fresh air and cool breeze – we were couples who turned into first time parents and we can relate to each others’ challenges and joys raising our own little ones.

We all had fun. 🙂 I think it’s safe to say that the babies enjoyed it! 

It’s just nice to have that break every once in a while, do something different, forget about our problems and just do simple things that’s not part of our routines. Honestly, I forced myself not to think about the laundry and our messy room! I wanted to just take that moment to relax and rest. Nate and ZD (a month and a half older than Nate) loved the place too, they played, watched nursery rhymes and ate, they weren’t fussy at all (except when they became sleepy). I think it’s because of the place too.

Before leaving the place, we decided to take some pics. Nate doesn’t look happy anymore. lol.

That moment brought me back to my childhood memories in our small farm, it was almost the same. I wish I could go back, I definitely miss the times when I was a little kid, didn’t have a job, only worried about what to eat. Things are just so different when you have a family. Not that I regret having a family of my own now, not at all. It’s just nice to be reminded of our childhood memories. It was a great place, it made all of us really sleepy, some of us even fell asleep. hehe.

Nate and Papa 

We didn’t realize it was already 3:30 pm, we just laid back there and rested really. It was great and I wanted to do it again. Before leaving, we took ZD and Nate to the eagles and I can say they liked what they’re seeing. It was a fun, simple and cost-efficient picnic. 🙂

Regarding Wildlife, we can see they’re having some renovations going on and it’s good that they’re trying to improve their facilities. I would always prefer going to QC Circle than to wildlife because I think QC Circle is cleaner but Circle becomes really very crowded sometimes and we’ve been there several times already so we decided to go to Wildlife instead. Wildlife is always quieter and more serene. I hope to see more improvements when we go back, we’re definitely taking our kids back there again.

“no girls allowed” photo 🙂

Wildlife is a place for photo shoots, I always see many photographers, amateur and pros going there to do a shoot. It’s also a place for little kids where they can enjoy the zoo, we haven’t really visited all the animals in there, we were already tired and just wanted to go home and rest so we only watched the birds. It’s also a place for couples – parks are one of couples’ dating place anyway, it’s one of the places where couples can spend quality time together and most of all, it’s a place for family and friends. It’s a place that you can go even when on a very tight budget. The entrance fee per person is just below Php 15 and you can already stay all you want. A place doesn’t need to be extravagant in order to spend quality time with love ones. What’s important is you’ve enjoyed your bonding time with whoever you go out with. 🙂

Sanchez family 
Matugas family
This little kitten loves Wildlife too 🙂
ZD and Nate watching the eagles 🙂

Nate, are you sleepy? 😉

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  1. I was still in college when I visited this place and I can't remember na nga kung ano meron. hehehe! Nice to know that they are improving the place.

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