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Nate’s 10th Month Update

Well, what can I say? This boy is growing so fast and he amazes us everyday with things he’s capable of doing. It’s funny how having a baby changes everything in life from our perspective to our plans and goals. Nate is now 10 months old (parang ang bilis na parang ang bagal!). I am writing this while he’s sleeping quietly beside me. Having him with us gives Dane and I mixed emotions. Ewan ko lang. It’s been such a crazy roller coaster ride for our family.

This kiddo won’t give me a good shot today, he wasn’t in the mood. haha. This is the best I could get. 

Here are Nate’s developmental milestones: 
-Has 4 teeth! (yaaay!!!)
-Attempts to stand without support and can do it in a few seconds.
-Was sick with colds, fever and cough the past few weeks which caused his weight to drop at 8.1 kgs. Thank God he’s all well and is back to 8.4 kgs.
-Eats rice, chicken, cupcakes and fruits.
-Wants attention and is very mobile – sits, crawls, tries to walk, jump and all other movements.
-Says “mama”, finally! I’ve been waiting for so long! lol. Before, it was just “papa”, “dada”, “baba”, “blee”, “leh”, and “eeeee”.
-Has his own “alone time” where he just sits in the corner and do his own “thing”.
-Likes to listen when we sing to him (he’s like so amazed or something).
-Has clear signs of separation anxiety. Cries when left in the room/bed, always wants to be with mama, became aloof and wouldn’t want to go to other people most of the time (it’s OK, I know he has to undergo this stage and we have to do our part to assure him that we’re just here and there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just quite challenging to do!).
-Holds on to whatever he can to help him cruise around the house.
-Loves throwing things sooo much (nakakaasar talaga minsan! haha). But according to what I read, babies do it not because they’re trying to drive their parents mad — taking action and watching its immediate effects actually help her learn.
-Able to follow very simple commands like, “come here” and “give it to mama/papa”.
-Pulls his clothes when fussy, mad or uneasy.
-Room is full of the sounds of babbling, crying and baby talk.

“A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men.”

18 Replies to “Nate’s 10th Month Update”

  1. The happiness of having a child in the family is really different. It's hard to explain it. I can still remember when my niece was born, everyone was excited and happy. As her auntie, I was very excited to see her to kiss and cuddle her.

  2. Baby Nate you are so cute! 2 more months and you'll turn 1. Naku sis, uso cough and colds. Super init then lamig sa umaga. Hmmm… Way to go Nate, lakad na bilis, hehe…

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