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Happy 1st Birthday ZD!!!

Dear ZD, when you get older, I hope you’ll spend time to read this post. Hehe. Happy 1st birthday! I’m so amazed with how active you have become! I remember when your mama was still in labor and in the hospital bearing the pain of all the contractions and doing this all by herself, I know how happy she was to finally see you out for the first time. I remember we were still texting while she was in active labor lol!

That smile though, ZD! haha!

I didn’t see you when you were newborn ’til you turned about 6-7 months but I was surprised you were so white when I finally met you. Haha! I hope you and Nate will continue to be great friends just like how good friends your papas are with each other.

Cutie patootie!!!

Thank you sa mga hinanda ng mama at papa mong pagkain nabusog kami! hahaha. Keep smiling. I pray that you will grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and that through your parents and us, your ninongs and ninangs, you will know Christ even more.

Happy first birthday!!! God loves you more than we do. 🙂




ZD and Nate

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