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Going North!!! Wooooh!

Next month will be our LGYC (Luzon Grace Youth Fellowship) and we are going NORTH!!! I’m so excited about this already. My next posts will definitely be about our experience during the fellowship. 🙂 I’m excited for a few reasons:

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1. Fellowship!!! I grew up attending fellowships (church gatherings). It’s either a thanksgiving, children’s fellowship, Women’s (married women’s) fellowship, Nationwide youth fellowship (even when I was still 9 or 10 I guess), even men’s fellowships, any fellowships that we could attend, we’d go. Fellowships will always be exciting for me. I get to worship with other co-believers in the Lord from different places, I get to meet old and new friends, I meet our church pastors are workers and be blessed by their lives.

2. New lessons to learn. Preaching from the speakers and lecturers are really wonderful and we get so many new things and we are being reminded of our practical living as well as encouraged spiritually, to hear new things from a speak you don’t hear giving a message very often is always exciting too.

3. The Venue! Ok, I cannot and will not deny this, the venue is always something I look forward to as well. This year, we’re going to Baguio!!! woooh! It’s going to be Nate’s first time, my second and Dane’s 3rd I believe! So that, even adds excitement to it. I can’t almost take it off my head. haha.

There are many more reasons why I am so excited about this upcoming fellowship but these are the first 3 reasons why I almost daydream about this fellowship. Lol. I hope that Nate’s colds will be gone by then, that way, he can also enjoy the place. We are getting his things ready and I am amazed as to how many I needed to bring just for him alone.

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  1. I think that any opportunity to come together in the name of God, and come out with renewed passion for spreading His word and good work, is awesome! It's a plus that it allows you to see other places and meet new people too. 🙂

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