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Last Wednesday, March 4, 2015, we were able to attend our weekly prayer meeting in the church as well as celebrate with a friend/church mate on her 40th birthday. We had fun and I was happy to be able to attend. We’re unfortunately not regular attendees of the prayer meeting due to the conflict it has with my job. Anyway, while there, my friend, Melody handed me this fortune cookie which she got from work and told me to open it. This may just be a coincidence but this is what I got:

Yup, this cookie is really for me. 

Very true to me. Although I kind of understand them as I grew older but all these realizations of their sacrifices just came to me when I became a mother myself. A few months back, I was always thanking my mother and father when I get the chance to talk to them on the phone for being so good to us and I apologized to my mother for everything. I told her, “now I understand how difficult it is to be a mother.” Some of the things I realized when I became a mother were:

1. How great parents’ love is. I knew my parents love me, I knew that even before I even married but when I became a mother to Nate, I think that’s the only time I realized how great their love was for me. They might be so happy during the time I was born. They might also be staring at me while I sleep and fill me with kisses to show me how much they love me. They may have cried for joy when I first stared and smiled at them. God’s love is seen in how our parents love us.

2. How parents’ sacrifice for their kids. The sleepless nights, the emergency wake up call to change my diaper,the urge to stay awake just comfort me from a very bad dream, not being able to go somewhere because they had to take care of me, work hard in order for us to live, these are just a very few sacrifices our parents make. Taking care of Nate was such a challenge that every time I feel so tired, I remember what my parents felt when I was still little.

3. How “wonderful” parents are. Wonderful may not be the right term for them, they may be a lot better than that. It’s just amazing, I can’t even put it into words. Sometimes, we dream about Nate becoming successful in his career path someday and being useful in the ministry and we’d find ourselves smiling just imagining what he will become. I’m pretty sure my parents did that when we were little too. Tuloy naiisip ko, sana naging proud sila sakin ngayon. I know I appreciated them before but now that I have a child, it’s more than an appreciation, it’s an admiration and thanksgiving and adoration for all the hard work and the love they showed us. Tuloy namimiss ko sila lalo.

I know they miss me and I miss them too, I always miss the time that me and my siblings were little and would race to get our father’s arm for pillow. The times when we’d all have devotion together when we were little kids, the times we’d all go to the farm to cut the grasses on the plants or harvest coconuts together, everything simple that we do together, I miss them all. Our lives were simple, we were poor, we didn’t have enough money but we have our parents, especially my father who works so hard for us.

So as much as possible, as long as they’re still alive, I will pray for them and will do my best to be able to visit them or be with them. Our parents are one of the greatest blessings we have in this world.
We should do our best to make them feel that we appreciate them and all their efforts for us. No one can tell ’til when we can be with them. It’s time we pay them back the appreciation they deserve.

What realizations did you have when you were a new parent? Did you appreciate your parents more after you became one? Share your thoughts. 

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  1. Well, not yet a parent but i know and appreciate my parents even sometimes they are makulit. Hehehe They make sure we are at our best phase of our lives..

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