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6 Steps in Breaking a Baby’s Fever

It’s inevitable that babies easily get sick. It could be a common colds, cough, or fever. Nate himself, is not an excuse to this. There’s not a month that he doesn’t get sick. And it’s really frustrating for mothers like me to watch our little ones struggle. I wish I can just have his sickness, but that’s just not possible too. According to www.medicalnewstoday.com, the reason for babies/infants to easily get is is because:

“What happens at early age is that natural killer cells, like many other immune cells, do not complete their functional maturation until adulthood. During this time, we are left with an immature immune system that cannot protect us against infections, the reason why newborns and infants are more prone to infection.”

Dane and I felt, since yesterday, that Nate’s temp was hotter than usual but today, after we woke up, he was very hot. We’re unsure of the cause but we’re thinking it’s either because of his colds or a new tooth. When he was still a few months old, I would start to panic but I was advised by my boss to just stay calm so that’s what I do when Nate gets sick now. What I do when Nate has a fever are:

Dane and Nate looking like Naruto in their Kool Fevers. lol

1. Check his temperature. It’s always a must for mothers to have a thermometer handy so we can check their temps as soon as possible when needed. A normal temperature is between 36 to 38 degrees Celsius (97 and 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Earlier, when I checked, Nate’s temp went up to 39.4, I thought the temperature wasn’t working properly, but when I redid the test, it was indeed 39.4. It’s the hottest temperature he had so far.

2. Sponge with lukewarm water. The weather today could be another reason why he was so hot, summer’s coming so that could’ve added to it. Using lukewarm water to cool them down don’t just apply to babies, this is like the very first step we do even to adults and toddlers. So I handed Nate over to Dane and prepared a lukewarm water. Using lukewarm water has been a proven method to bring down a fever gradually.

3. Change his clothing. Extra layers of clothes may just trap the excess heat in his body so we wanted to make sure to use sleeveless or any lightweight fabrics to make him feel more comfortable. Our babies will most often sweat a few minutes after because of the heat in their body so it’s important to change their clothes when they’re already soaked with sweat.

4. Use Kool Fever. This is not necessary to do but for me, Kool Fever helps a lot in cooling Nate’s temperature down. Kool Fever has absorbent gel that quickly releases the heat. For me, it’s like a lukewarm clothe that’s put in the forehead, the difference is, this once stays in place no matter how active our kids are.

5. More and more fluid. Fever is a headache for mothers, Dehydration is another problem. I made sure to breastfeed Nate more often and give him water as well. That way, they’ll have enough fluids in their body. It’s common for babies to get dehydrated. They are sensitive to fluid loss because they’re small. Some of the reasons for dehydration is fever and overheating.

6. Giving him acetaminophen/paracetamol. Nate’s pedia advised us to give him paracetamol if his temperature is too high. I believe it doesn’t matter what brand we use but what we have is Tempra and that’s what we always give him when he has a fever.

12 Replies to “6 Steps in Breaking a Baby’s Fever”

  1. Hindi talaga tayong mga nanay mapalagay kapag may sakit ang mga anak natin. I also do these steps, except for the Kool Fever. We have a history of febrile seizure, so as much as possible, we don't let their temperature reach 39 degrees.

  2. I too make sure that the kids are well hydrated if they are down with fever. But for me I don't really use warm water but normal room temperature water or even cold water to help bring down the fever. Sometimes If it gets too hot I will give them a sponge bath .

  3. This is the fever bible for new and old parents. When I had my first baby, I go see my pediatrician everytime my Pots has fever. Now I know better. The visits have been less frequent because we have the mother instincts enhanced more by experience.

  4. I think breastfeeding my babies helped keep them away from fever or sickness. I remember they were not sick often. I also give them tempra or something similar and keep them rested if ever they get sick.

  5. Naku even now that Matt is 4 years old, it's as if it's always the first time. I can't work and I always think of him. Pag kasi may fever sya super bagsak talaga. So I pray na kahit makulit na lang sya wag na lang lagnatin. Hehe… Great tips sis.

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