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36th CLAG Anniversary and CYEA Metrowide Fellowship

Yesterday, March 1, 2015, the Central Luzon Association of Grace Churchs (CLAG) celebrated its 36th anniversary. Members of the Grace Gospel Churches in Metro Manila and nearby provinces came to have fellowship together. This year’s anniversary was held at Taguig City University in Taguig, Metro Manila. CLAG anniversary is always something we look forward to every year. For me, it’s one of the annual gatherings I want to be able to attend to always. Not only will we be able to have fellowship and unified worship but it’s great to see your co-believers from different church and have a small talk and catching up.

36th CLAG Anniv Attendees (photo grabbed from Ethil Estopia)

This year’s CLAG anniversary was attended by more than 500 members which consists of Pastors, elders and lay leaders, bible women, bible students and church members. That count doesn’t include children who had their own worship service conducted by selected Sunday School teachers. Attendees come from different churches, to name some: Dasmariñas, Cavite Church, Bacoor Church, Parañaque Church, Pasig Church, Taguig Church, Balagtas, Bulacan Church, Litex, QC Church, Golden Shower, QC Church (our church), Caloocan Church, Baesa, QC church, Montalban (Rizal), Valenzuela Church and many more (sorry if I forgot to mention a specific church, there’s just too many of them! :D).

Worship Service (photo grabbed from The 4:12 Grace Youth)

Everyone was welcomed by the CLAG supervising minister, Ptr. Buddy Nabus wherein he also recognized each churches that were able to attend. The worship service was led by Ptr. James Bermejo and everyone sang praises to God through hymns and songs.

Special Number for Message from Parañaque Church  (photo grabbed from The 4:12 Grace Youth)

We were encouraged by God’s word through Ptr. Boni Arguelles to “Go the Extra Mile”. In his message, he reminded us to not underestimate what small beginnings can do. Everything big always starts from small beginnings – a well known company,  a famous school, even a church with so many members – all start from humble beginnings. CLAG itself, started from a very small beginning through Ptr. and Mrs. Gerson Bermejo and by God’s grace alone, 36 years after it has become a growing church organization.

Special Number for Offering from Taguig Church (photo grabbed from The 4:12 Grace Youth)

Another reminder we received from Ptr. Arguelles’ message was to leave something BIG for our little ones. That we should do our very best not for ourselves but for the next generation. We were asked a very challenging question: “itong ginagawa ko ngayon, ito lang ba ang kaya kong ipamana sa mga anak ko?”. We, as adults are always what the little ones look up to and we should do our best to leave a legacy to our little ones for the glory of God alone. These new generation will follow what our example is. (Thank you Ptr. for the very moving message). I hope that all of us will continue to do our best for our future generation.

Ptr. Boni Arguelles speaks about “Going the Extra Mile for the Ministry”

After the worship service, we had fellowship lunch. It’s always been a tradition for churches to bring their potluck food for lunch. Fellowship lunch is also a great time for everyone to meet and greet each other. It’s always great to be able to fellowship with your co-believers in the Lord.

After lunch, we all prepared for the Creator’s Youth Encouragers in Action (CYEA) Metrowide Fellowship. CYEA is the youth organization for Metro Manila and nearby provinces. The event’s speaker was Ptr. Calvin Ralph Fermantes where he talked about the “Brilliant Blaze of Talents”. Ptr. Fermantes reminded us that talents are given to everyone but “gifts” are only to those who are believers. We were also challenged to us our God-given gifts to nothing else but the glory of God.

Preaching contestants from different clusters (photo grabbed from The 4:12 Grace Youth)
Teaching contestants (photo grabbed from The 4:12 Grace Youth)
Trio contestants (photo grabbed from The 4:12 Grace Youth)

The fellowship was about “God’given talents”, and to prepare us for the upcoming Luzon Grace Youth Conference (LGYC) in Baguio, young people from each Clusters showed us their talents for the glory of God. It was a contest and the winner will represent CYEA for LGYC this coming April 2-5, 2015 that will be held in Baguio City (I am so excited for this, hahaha! Who isn’t anyway?!).

Solo Contestants (photo grabbed from The 4:12 Grace Youth)
Duet Contestants (photo grabbed from The 4:12 Grace Youth)
Guitar Contestants (photo grabbed from The 4:12 Grace Youth)
Piano/Keyboard Contestants (photo grabbed from The 4:12 Grace Youth)

There were solo, duet, trio, guitar instrumental, piano instrument, teaching and preaching contests. As one of the audiences, I can’t help but admire these young people’s talents and I’m glad that they are using it to honor God. I pray that they will continue to use these talents for God alone.

The winners who will represent the upcoming LGYC 2015 are:

                                                  1. Solo – Cluster 2 (photo by Norbie Joy)

                                                  2. Duet – Cluster 2 (photo by Norbie Joy)

                                                  3. Trio – Cluster 2 (photo by Norbie Joy)

4. Preaching – Cluster 2 (photo grabbed from The 4:12 Grace Youth)
5. Teaching – Cluster 1 (photo by Norbie Joy)
6. Guitar Instrumental – Cluster 1 (photo by Norbie Joy)
7. Piano Instrumental – Cluster 3 (photo grabbed from The 4:12 Grace Youth)
I know most of them but not all so I chose not to name them anymore! Haha. And I hope my list of winners are correct. If there are any mistakes, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll update my list right away. 🙂

CYEA officers with Ptr. Vincent Quiñones (photo grabbed from Ethil Estopia)

Lastly, on February 28, 2015, Saturday. 2 family members of Pasig Grace Gospel Church of Christ were affected by the fire in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig. In Pasig City, GMA report said 500 houses were destroyed in a fire at a residential area at Bolante 2 in Barangay Pinagbuhatan. The fire reached the general alarm but was put out at 1:25 p.m. Sketchy initial reports indicated the fire started at about 9 a.m. and spread quickly, partly due to strong winds. Firefighters could not immediately get to the area due to the narrow roads there. Also, other firefighters in Metro Manila were busy fighting another fire in Quezon City.For their part, residents helped fight the fire. A Philippine Air Force helicopter helped douse water on the residential area.

Screenshot of a post from Ate Remy

Individuals and churches gave their financial help to the affected families. What’s the most wonderful part in this situation? They were still there during the CLAG anniversary to fellowship with us. I saw the Arcangel siblings and honestly, they don’t look like they lost their homes. I am so moved by them. Being able to look at a positive side and still be able to worship God in spite of everything that happened? That’s something. And I hope that many were encouraged by their lives as well. Ate Merly even told me, “blessed pa din” when I had the chance to talk to her. I hope they’ll be able to get back on their feet right away – by God’s help, I know they can.

See you next CLAG Anniversary and CYEA Fellowship! 🙂 God bless us all! 

6 Replies to “36th CLAG Anniversary and CYEA Metrowide Fellowship”

  1. How happy it is for brethren to dwell together in happiness in the presence of God.
    Lovely collections of the event and lovely people around. No doubt the blessings of God descended on you all.

  2. It was truly encouraging for some members to still be present even after the mishap (fire). Our church went through the same ordeal many years ago but with the support of all the congregation and the faith of our pastor, we were able to stand up again, build a newer church and continue to praise Him.

  3. God is always faithful to His church and it's wonderful to see that His people are being faithful to Him, too. God bless the Grace Gospel churches. Occupy until He comes.

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