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Subinvolution of the Uterus

Last year, I’ve shared my labor and delivery when I delivered Nate back in May. In one of these post, I mentioned I fell asleep right after my last push and I never had the chance to hear Nate’s first cry. I was able to deliver him normally but I didn’t know I did. The first thing I was told when I woke up was “Mommy, dahan dahan po, may tahi po kayo” (I really thought I had an emergency CS!). The entire time I was sleeping, I had no idea was standing between the line of life and death. I had just knew about it when Dane talked to me about it a few days after.

I was bleeding heavily after I gave birth to Nate. It was called “Subinvolution Of The Uterus”. It’s a condition wherein the mother’s uterus, after birth soften (which shouldn’t be), causing it to bleed. Some of the causes of Subinvolution are:

*grand multiparity
*overdistension of uterus as in twins and hydramnios
*ill maternal health
*caesarean section
*uterine prolapse
*uterine fibroid
*Persistent lochia/fresh bleeding
*Long labor
*Very short labor
*full bladder
*difficult delivery
*retained placenta
*maternal infection

According to the Free Dictionary by Farlex, subinvolution is a Delayed or absent involution of the uterus during the postpartum period. The causes of subinvolution include retained fragments of placenta, uterine fibromyomas, and infection. Regardless of the cause of the condition, it is characterized by longer and heavier bleeding after childbirth and, on pelvic examination, a larger and softer uterus than would be expected at that time. Treatment includes ergonovine given by mouth for 2 or 3 days, and, if an infection is present, an antibiotic. The hemoglobin or hematocrit is also evaluated, and iron is given if necessary. A follow-up examination is performed 2 weeks later.

In my case, according to my OB, I had subinvolution probably because I had a very short labor. I was admitted at around 11am and was 4cm dilated and gave birth at 2:30pm. She told Dane she had tried some medications on me but the blood still wouldn’t stop bleeding so she had to use a stronger dose of medicine (and more expensive one). I don’t know what the medicine is called and Dane forgot what it was too.

Dane told me it was a very traumatic moment for him, he was so worried about me, he could feel his body trembling. He even said he forgot about Nate because our doctor said he was fine. haha. This was what he told me. It was almost the same time that Wowie de Guzman’s wife suddenly died a month after giving birth so I guess that added the tension! lol.

Dane: “Alam ko na na nanganak ka na. Inupdate ko na yung mga kailangang iupdate. (I know you already gave birth, I’ve already updated those who needed to be updated). Tapos nakita ako ni doc, sabi nya: (then doc saw and said) “Nilyn, Nilyn (my OB didn’t know Dane’s name. lol). Alam ko ako tinutukoy nya (I know she was referring to me).”

“Sabi nya, nanganak na si Nilyn, ok naman yung baby, umiyak naman sya agad at malakas naman ang iyak nya, walang problema (Nilyn already gave birth, the baby was OK, he cried right away. he’s definitely fine). Kaso si Nilyn, tapos pag sabi nyang ganun, kinabahan na ako, sabi nya, si Nilyn nagkaron ng subinvolution (however, nilyn, after she said that, I was nervous, she said, Nilyn had subinvolution), lumambot yung matres nya at kaya nagdugo sya (her uterus soften after delivery so she was bleeding). Marami na ako ginamit na gamot kaso ayaw tumigil pero itong huling ginamit ko, parang ok na sya, tumitigas na matres nya, oobserbahan nalang ng mga nurse yun.(I’ve used a few medicines on her but the bleeding won’t stop but the last one I seemed to work on her. The nurses will continue to observe her condition)”

After that, he didn’t know what to do so he chatted my cousin who was a registered nurse and he was relieved when she told him not to worry because it will just be healed and breastfeeding will surely help. True enough, when I woke up, I saw an ice bag on my tummy and was told to keep it that way and to monitor and feel my uterus from time to time. I was also advised to breastfeed Nate as often as I can as it will help with my condition.

One time when I was in the hospital to have Nate checked, I overheard one woman say that she has a relative who died due to heavy bleeding after delivery. The baby lived but the mother didn’t survive. I’m blessed and so very thankful for God’s guidance during that time. Indeed delivery is a very crucial time for mothers and babies.

Did you have any postpartum issues? I’d like to hear it. 🙂

18 Replies to “Subinvolution of the Uterus”

  1. You are indeed blessed to survived your labor. My husband and I are planning to have a baby soon. I must admit this post scares me a bit. But I guess if you trust God and accept His plan for you, everything will fall into place.

  2. Like you, I did not hear my son's first cry, nawalan na lang ko ng malay. lol So when I woke up, I immediately look for my son. I'm glad that I don't experience post partum.

  3. I never realized that giving birth is also traumatic for the man. Naiisip ko lang is me! How selfish..
    Ako I heard my daughter and son cry. But it was my choice to have slept through the whole process since CS. Ginising nila ako sa cry and latching. That's it.

  4. I was also bleeding after I gave birth thru CS. and this happened twice, with my first born and our baby girl. My husband also shared that he was the one who was most worried, ako kse I just slept! LOL

  5. Oh this is so traumatic for husbands too. I remember the time I had a miscarriage at month 2, we tried to save the pregnancy but couldn't. It was so painful for me, but could see my husband next to me feeling every bit of pain I was feeling.
    I am happy you are ok.

  6. I remember when I gave birth to my second son, I also had bleeding, perhaps not as serious as yours. But it was because the placenta was not removed immediately after my son came out. I had dry labor kasi. The doctor had to manually remove it. She was trying to do it while I was conscious, but it was very painful so they had to give me general anaesthesia. When I woke up, it's as if nothing happened. Praise God for keeping us both safe.

  7. This is the first time I've heard of the condition, Nilyn. I'm really glad you didn't suffer so much! Yun ba yung reason why women die from bleeding or iba din? I had an emergency CS because I wouldn't dilate after 4 days of heavy labor. I didn't have problems naman post birth but my son had to be confined for 6 days.

  8. People says that when a woman is giving birth "yung isang paa, nasa hukay". That's how delicate or dangerous giving birth is. Great to know you are ok now. REST will help too!

  9. I'm so glad you're okay. I'm afraid of childbirth because of these kind of complications. Childbirth although I'm sure is very rewarding is also very risky to the mother's life. It's a good thing you had a good care at the hospital and your body responded well to the meds. You are truly blessed sis 🙂

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