Negative Experience with Bayantel

I’m not sure if someone has noticed me being out from commex and blog hop these past few days in my groups – but this is the very reason for it.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about Bayantel not being a good Internet Service Provider but in our area now, looks like we don’t have any choice but use Bayantel in the area where we reside now.

Globe Tatoo Wimax was my previous ISP back in Commonwealth and what I can say is that it’s a great internet service provider. Although Globe’s signal strength depends in your location, I’d say I never really had much problem during the entire time using it.

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The very first day I started working in our new place using Bayantel, I noticed that the internet connection was unstable. I work as a customer service rep so it’s very important that I have a very stable connection. I’d sometimes get customers complaining they couldn’t hear me well. Right then, I decided to swith ISP. Unfortunately, Globe isn’t performing well in our new location so we had to let Globe go. We were planning to switching to PLDT but I was told by the homeowner that PLDT isn’t working well in the area as well. We decided to start with upgrading the plan to a higher mpbs. We’re now at 3mbps with Bayantel and the internet connection is working a lot better, however, there are still times that it fluctuates. It disconnects for about 5-10mins. It’s just not that reliable.

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This isn’t the worst experience we had with Bayantel. Last February 3, we received a call from Bayantel advising us to settle the charge to avoid disconnection. By the way, we’ve been waiting for a bill since last month so we can pay but nothing came so I thought, with the upgrade of our internet plan, came a new statement due date or something. Going back to February 3, that very same day we got a call, we completely lost connection. I had no idea all these were happening because I sleep in the day and wake up at night to work. When I woke up, I just realized everything and concluded that our connection may have been disconnected. And, alas, it definitely was disconnected. The internet connection was shut down the same day we got the disconnection notice, the same day we got that call advising us to settle the charge (which btw, the rep didn’t make it all clear with Dane. She just said it had to be settle by 5 – Dane wasn’t sure if it was 5pm that day or February 5th).

Here are my complaints:
1. We never received any bill. Ok, it may partly be our fault that we never called and followed up with them as to why we haven’t got a bill yet but I was under the impression that the bill will just come as we never had any problem receiving a bill before. I was just advised that even though we don’t get any bill, we can pay just by giving the account# to the payment center, well, had I known that, I would’ve paid it already together with all our bills last month.

2. There was no proper notice. We got the disconnection letter the same day the rep called (who never made it clear that we had to pay that very same day) and that same day, our internet was shut down. How cool is that?

3. Reps were full of “Paasa”. The first rep I spoke with told me that after I pay, the payment will automatically reflect, so as the internet connection (that wasn’t true). The second rep said it will take 48 hrs to reconnect after the connection will be back. The third rep said the same thing. The 4th rep said he already saw the payment and request for re-connection but said will escalate the concern so it can be fixed right away (but still told me it may be still within 24 hrs). The 5th rep, which didn’t sound very helpful, said the same as the 4th rep and said there’s no supervisor available when I asked to speak to one.

4. They already saw the payment posted and the request for re-connection on the account, I don’t know what else they’re waiting to put the connection back. I was given a false hope by the first rep who told me it will automatically reconnect as soon as the payment is posted.

Well, I gave up in the end. We had no choice but to wait for the internet to be back. In the mean time, I had to go somewhere in order to go online. Broadband sticks just don’t work in our area. I couldn’t afford to not report for work – first because my pay will be deducted and second, I have many pending works to do. Unfortunately, Nate caught colds because it was so cold outside at night. I had to take him and Dane with me since I’m breastfeeding him. I’m sad that he had to suffer the consequence for all these. I hope he gets well soon. And, I will never recommend Bayantel to anyone. If I just have another choice, I’d choose not to use Bayantel as an ISP.

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  1. Just like you, we still have issues with our ULTERA. The connection was already restored but the billing is one of our concern, we didn't have internet connection for two months yet they mange to charge us. We will just wait for the February billing if the right rebate was already given to us. If not, we will just let the internet disconnected and look for a good ISP.

  2. It's too bad that PLDT DSL is not available in your place. I use it, actually, my husband upgraded it to FIBR and it's so stable that we can watch movies/youtube for 1 hour without any lags. You should use it if you have it in your place… And yeah, I think to most ISP you can pay as long as you have the account number naman eh. 🙂

  3. our internet provider is pldt. late or almost walang bill na dadating. and never sa isang buwan na walang problem sa connection nila. if ever na ma-late sa ka bayad disconnect agad. pero if wala kang connection for 2 weeks or more walang deduction sa bill. kmausta naman 😀

  4. I had a huge problem with our current provider back then, but that has been long fixed. I was in the same boat, I had no choice but to avail of their services. But towards the end of the year, everything was going smoothly.

    Anyway, if you're doing customer service, the stick won't do.You need a stronger connection. Hayyy, hirap ng internet ng Pilipinas! I do hope your job wasn't affected.

  5. I had the same problem but with Sky Cable naman. I have no net for almost a month (that happened around September) and until now, hindi parin nila nade-deduct yung weeks na hindi ko nagamit service nila. The nerve pa to send me a disconnection notice just because na-late ako ng payment since walang bill sent. Grabe noh. Panget internet services talaga dito, which can be pretty hard for us since we rely on our online jobs.

  6. that happened to me too when i had a bayantel phone at my bar, they didn't send me any bill for 6 months and then they just cut my line without notice. when i went to settle and complain, they were charging me an exorbitant amount and they took so long to reconnect! :/

  7. Haven't tried Bayantel before because I've always believed in PLDT myDSL. Kahit minsan mabagal yung internet, generally, they're still the best ISP. In my opinion lang naman. If you work as a customer service rep, cable-based internet connection is still better than wireless. Pag wireless kasi para maging maganda yung connection mo dapat may line of sight ka cellsite. Otherwise, magiging unstable talaga ang internet mo.

  8. I've always used PLDT, and though the connection is not perfect, I stick with it kasi unlike your situation, di rin available sa area namin ang Bayantel. Pinakakawawa sa situation mo is baby mo eh. 🙁 I do my PLDT payments online since the same lang naman amount per month so kahit wala pang bill. Does Bayantel have the same option?

  9. Hay….. sorry to hear about your bad experience. We always argue with PLDT as well, and although, we have other options, we don't have the time to switch providers. Being an online worker, a reliable internet is really a must. I hope may makita ka ng mas okay.

  10. Aw sis, I know how it feels much more for you that you really need the internet connection. If you have read about our Ultera horror experience, the update was the connection was restored already. Imagine they let this happen for almost two months only to find out they can provide us a blank sim to bring bank our connection. Now, come the billing statement. First, last year they overcharged us pala and of course we paid it full. Hindi pa yun narefund and they issue us billing statements for the two-month period we have no connection. Sabi we need to pay and irerefund din naman nila. But I told Daddy they can cut again the connection but we will not settle that bill. If they will compute pa nga sila pa may utang sa amin. Upto now naman di nila pinuputol, hehe. Matapang lang ako sis kasi nakasurvive naman kami ng 2 months na wala connection kasi gabi lang namin nagagamit talaga. But I know you need it so I hope they will do an immediate action. Nakakapagod na din tawag ng tawag tapos puro pangako lang.

    Mommy Maye2

  11. Yes, you're right, which was why maganda yung Globe wimax ko dati kahit wireless sya kasi malapit kami sa cell site. Amazing ang sobrang stable nya pero I'm sure dahil lang yun sa malapit kami sa cell site.

  12. I think bayantel has that option pero limited lang to Unionbank if I'm not mistaken. I've yet to check online payments yet but I'm thinking of doing it. True, si baby talaga ang pinakanaapektuhan. 🙁

  13. grabe, sobrang tagal ng prob nyo sis! I remember you told me sa chat pa about jan na kaya hindi ka masyadong nakakaonline dahil sa Ultera nyo. And remember I didn't know pa kung anong ISP belong ang Ultera? haha. Thankfully, restored na ang connection dito sa'min sis, pero may mga panahon pa din na biglang nag-fa-fluctuate, I guess wala na akong magawa dun. I hope maayos na din ang prob nyo sa ISP nyo, dagdag pa sa iisipin kasi e. Ang dami na nga nating iniisip. haha.

  14. This is a sad fact of business in our country. Sadly, this doesn't happen with BayanTel alone — other providers do this too! I wish we have here a strict Better Business Bureau sector similar to the US. This way these providers will be more careful and would promptly attend to their customers. Hay! Nakakainis talaga sila!

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