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Nate’s 9th Month Update

It’s wonderful to think that in just 3 months time, our baby is turning one year old. I can’t imagine he’s been with us for 9 months now. Yesterday, he was just a little quiet baby in the hospital, lying in bed with me for the very first time, now, he’s a noisy fellow who likes to play and laugh with us! By God’s grace he wasn’t sick last month until 2 days ago though. He got colds and now has cough. I hope that he gets well soon. 

Here are some of his developmental milestones: 
-Finally got his first 2 teeth. πŸ™‚
-Walks faster but with help, he’d hold on to someone or someone in order to stand.
-Talks more often. He doesn’t make any word yet but has more syllables pronounced now (eeee, dadada, tsatsa, papapapa). Language definitely doesn’t make much sense but he tries to communicate with us so we just answer him and pretend that we understood whatever he said. lol.
-Understands “come on”, “let’s go”, and “tara”! It means we’re going somewhere so gets hyper and excited when hearing us say these.
-Likes “peek-a-boo” and laughs out loud sometimes.
-Loves mama and sometimes cry when papa takes him away from her, especially when mama’s working.

-Loves gentle cuddles, tickles and kisses but cries when gets irritated.
-Becomes more and more curious, starts noticing small things like a little ant on the wall, the nail on a wood, a button, etc.
-Observes things around him. Grabs anything he can reach, observes and stares at it and eats it (I don’t know if eating is part of his investigation! lol)
-Loves to hold the umbrella with mama when going outside. He holds the handle like an old person! haha.
-He doesn’t like hats anymore, he removes them right after we try to put it on his head.
-Dances to songs by moving his knees and going up and down.
-His cries are more recognizable now. I can definitely tell from the way he cries if he’s sleepy, or wants milk or if he’s really hurt. They all vary from each other.

-Crawls almost at all times!
-Loves food! He wants to eat everything that we eat.
-Gets fascinated with almost everything: a shoelace, a bag, a zipper, spoons, anything that he can see.

Nate: Thanks for reading mama’s blog about me! πŸ™‚

Having Nate is both tiring and fulfilling at the same time. It’s a great experience to see him improve day by day. Sometimes, I am amazed with what he shows me! πŸ™‚

“A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase.”

48 Replies to “Nate’s 9th Month Update”

  1. Such an adorable little boy! It is nice to document his developmental milestones. I wish I have thought of this with my two little girls. It would be a great experience for them to read and see pictures when they are a little grown-up.

  2. Get well soon baby Nate! I remember my son also had his first tooth when he was 9 months and it was really a difficult experience for him. He had low grade fever, diarrhea, cough and colds then. But I guess every kid goes through that stage. Time flies so fast. Soon, you'll realize that your little Nate has grown a lot already. So cuddle him as much as you can while he's still young. Pag lumaki laki pa yan, di na yan magpapakarga sayo.

  3. "A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase." Hmm, that quote is indeed true. Just wait when he really starts walking and talking. Like his curls.

  4. Cutie patootie! I'm having this baby stalking habit in my IG feed. I can't help adoring all newborn pics I see in my timeline. Enjoy this mommy and baby stage. It doesn't stay that long. πŸ™‚

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