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Hey “Lady” Sham :)

Last Saturday, February 7th, we had the chance to celebrate the 18th birthday of one of my sisters from another mother. I was honestly hesitant to go as Nate was sick but I knew she’d be sad if we weren’t there so we managed to attend anyway. And thank God, Nate was Jesus-protected the entire time. The event was held in a small private resort in San Mateo, Rizal and was attended by Sham’s close friends and family (I’m not used to calling her “sham” anyway, I call her “Mae” but since a lot of her friends call her that, I’ll call her “Sham” in this post. Lol). 

Photo grabbed from Shamaecha

She’s a 2nd year student of Lyceum of the Philippines and a member of the LPU-Pep Squad. Now I completely forgot what course she took! haha. I’d have to ask her again (I’m not sure if it’s tourism).

me sneaking in her room to get some photos taken. πŸ™‚

It was a simple celebration where she plans to have an overnight swimming with her friends after the program, that we didn’t attend anymore since it’s Saturday night and we still had to get some rest for Sunday’s worship service.

I looked at her from a distance and I can say she was happy on her birthday celebration and we are happy for her too. My sister was one of the 18 candles, Dane was one of the 18th roses and I was one of the blue bills so, we really can’t not be there! The program started at around 9pm which was 2 hrs after the announced time but it’s ok, we weren’t bored anyway, we managed to chat with our friends while waiting to start and I believe it ended at around 12mn (just another Cinderella moment, hehe). We went home right after the event and many of her friends stayed at the venue for some “we’re young and free” party time I guess, hehe.

Here are some of the photos (those with watermarks are mine, those that don’t are all grabbed from Facebook, credits to its owners) during Sham’s 18th birthday.

Nate’s too sleepy to even bother smiling! 

This cake just tells it all! So cute!
Giveaway. Source: Shamaecha’s FB
The pool was quite tempting but it’s just too cold for me! haha. 
photo credit: FB
The venue

Dear Mae, 
     I hope that you don’t forget the wishes we gave you on Saturday. What I told you there, I meant it. I pray that you don’t leave and forget your first love who is Jesus and that He will (and should always have) a part on our income. Being in a legal age should not be a license to do anything you like to do. My prayer is that God will always give you enlightenment and wisdom on every decision you’re making as you walk your own road in life. Stay happy and be blessed. Don’t forget to thank God always. Love you! πŸ™‚

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  1. Happy 18th to your sister! Her theme is also my favorite color – yellow. Birthdays are the best especially when celebrated with the people dear to the celebrant. She must have been lucky to have you! πŸ™‚

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