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Friday Bonding with Some of the Wonderful Women I Know

Last December, during our annual church thanksgiving day, we had a little presentation contest per department and the winner will win PhP 3,000. The contest was participated by 6 departments. Our church’s children’s, youth, men’s (fathers/married) and women’s (mamas/married) department and the other 2 participants are from our the children and men’s department of Mandaluyong church (our daughter church).

Well, since most of the women’s department are mothers and we really didn’t have time (and money, hehe) to have some bonding outside with just us, we prepared for the contest so we can have a budget for a group swimming in just one of the simple pools near. Really, we don’t have time for long hours of travel going south or north for great beaches, plus, we don’t want to overspend. Haha! We were really aiming for the first prize so we can have our “mamas time”. haha! I think we’ve practiced for about a month, every Sunday afternoon after worship service. We had a great time during every practice which is really good.

While waiting for the other moms to arrive. 

Well, fast forward to the presentation day – I’m not sure if we won because we deserve it or “pinagbigyan nalang kami”, but nevertheless, we won and were so happy that we now have 3k to spend for our outdoor fellowship and bonding! These moms are really good in budgeting and they think that 3k is really just enough for us (mga beterano na sila sa pagtitipid! haha!). We just have to add maybe a hundred for some entrance fee and additional food I think.

Pretty mommas 😀 (Mrs. Arguelles, Mrs, Bacus, Mrs. Mercado & Mrs. Balan)

For some reasons, instead of going on a pool, we ended up deciding to just go on a pig out somewhere. One of the few reasons were: 1.) In February we’ll have our church Family Day where we’ll also have an outing, 2.) We wanted to be able to go out before family day, 3.) Our schedules don’t match – we can only go out for a few hours.

Mrs. Yson, Mrs. Batabat & Mrs. Arguelles

So after some sort of discussions, we landed in Seafood Island in UP-Ayala Land Technohub on Friday afternoon, Jan. 30. We ordered 2 different meals good for 5-6 persons and a pizza. We exceeded 3k but we only had to chip in an additional 30 pesos each. It was great, everyone had a great time, we chatted, laughed and made noises, we didn’t care! lol! It’s just nice to be able to be with them and just talk about marriage, family and kids. I’m one of the 3 new members in women’s group so most of them are our advisers also. We didn’t take our husbands with us, but those who breastfeed their babies should take their babies with them – Nate and ZD (my godson) were an exception.


After dining, we outside where they had their pictures taken and I had a chance to meet my previous Team Leader from one of the call centers I worked with. She’s STL Faith, the best TL I had. We talked about Nate, my previous team mates, and our families. I’m so thankful she went to Technohub after I told her that Nate and I were there. She’s really amazing! I hope for the best for her.

Nate with STL Faith 


I didn’t want to leave him, good thing he’s breastfed
Somebody enjoys seeing his reflection 😉
He immediately sat on ground when he saw the light! 🙂
Nate with his “soon-to-be” ninang. 😀
Nate’s first in Technohub and my first after pregnancy (seems like yesterday when I go here everyday to report for work).
Nate looks tired 😀
Nate sleeps everywhere, he doesn’t care! 
Time off for mommas 🙂
Besties. ♥

28 Replies to “Friday Bonding with Some of the Wonderful Women I Know”

  1. It really is not the place that matters but the company you keep and the memories you create. As long as you are with people you love/admire/value, any celebration – no matter how simple – will be a blast!

  2. Sometimes you really need to take some time out from your household and mommy duties once in a while. It's good you have great friends to hang out with to remind you that you need a social life too. And it shows in the pictures and your post that you really enjoyed yourselves. Here's to more women-only escapades to your group! 🙂

  3. It is nice to bond with friends. It is something I really take time to go. Easy for me because I am single. Mommies have a harder time to do this because they have kids to look after.

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