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Fastbreak Post: a reflection

I am writing this from my mobile device. I just want to share what I have in mind. Today, Dane is getting dressed to go to church, I just finished preparing and am just waiting for the rest of us to be ready so we can leave. Nate is sleeping because he woke up at around 3:30 am earlier.

I just thought I haven’t been able to blog very often recently and it’s because when I think of blogging, I always thought that I have to be focused, I need more time to edit think and double check my post. I really want to be able to produce good quality posts but posts like this shows who I really am – always in a hurry, always running after the time and always trying to finish things as quickly as I can. 🙂

It’s funny how this little time I have spared can now let me post instead of sitting and grabbing my laptop to be able to write. Yesterday, my friend and I had a really great conversation about our lives being first time moms. I’m happy as to how we’ve completely opened up how shocking it was for us and that most of the things we experienced now are most often beyond our expectations. Not only our strenghts were tested but also our relationships with our partners. Now, we realize that being mothers are the most exhausting, most tiring but also most rewarding experience of all. It’s amazing how you can be so tired but still so happy when you see your baby. Ahhh, this is life!

Now that everyone’s almost ready, I have to end this post now. 🙂 Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!!

This is us trying to have a good family photo inside our room full of mess. Haha.

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  1. Although, I still need to be focused when blogging, but I think if it's really coming from your heart, everything is spontaneous. Also, you and me both! Moms are the busiest and the only person but rewarded with priceless moments and love! 🙂

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