TOSHIBA SATELLITE C50-B: Unboxing and Review

My old PC which I use for work has been acting up lately and I was planning, since last year to get a new laptop before the old one stops working. We’ve planned to get this last year but I just received it a few days ago. Well, I don’t like to call it “mine” completely yet because I got it for a 6-month installation plan using a friends credit card. I don’t have a credit card of my own just to avoid temptations but times like these, when I needed to buy something important, I ask for aid of a credit card. I originally plan for another MSI laptop since the old one showed a really great performance but the laptop I originally planned to get was out of stock so we’ve decided to get Toshiba instead.


-TOSHIBA SATELLITE C50-B (15.6″) with its cords and manual.
-Toshiba laptop bag
-Rapoo N1162 wired USB mouse (which I loved from the very first use! It responds so fast.

How it looked when we opened the box


Product details 

The slim black Toshiba Satellite C50-B-14D 15.6″ Laptop is a great laptop for home or travel. 


Windows 8.1 puts your favourite apps and programs in one place, so you can enjoy great computing at home. Simply click on a program tile to open it and move around using taps, swipes and pinches on your touchpad.
Windows 8.1 includes familiar additions, including expressive Live Tiles, the re-introduction of the start button, improvements to search and extensive customisation options. 

Celeron® processing and superb storage 

The Satellite C50B14D has an Intel® Celeron® N2830 processor, which provides ample power for home computing, whether you’re browsing websites or updating spreadsheets. This is supported by 4 GB of memory.
Save your documents, music and more on the 500 GB hard drive, providing space for everything you need to store. 

Elegant design 

The slim Satellite C50B-14D has an elegant textured finish which gives the laptop a modern feel. The sleek design is perfect for any home, whilst the tiled keyboard and large touchpad make it easy to use. 

High quality audio 

The DTS Sound technology on the Satellite C50-B14D provides smooth and deep bass alongside crisp speech, so music and videos will sound great. Immerse yourself in your music with the integrated stereo speakers. 

Wireless and classic connectivity 

With a built-in WiFi connection, you’ll be able to connect to your network with ease, and lets you use the Miracast connection to stream video between devices, without needing to use a cable or network connection. You’ll be able to stream videos from your laptop to your large screen TV without the hassle of additional cables. 

The Bluetooth connection means that you can connect your Bluetooth devices to your laptop, whether it’s your tablet or smartphone. 

Three USB ports on the Satellite C50 allow you to connect your USB devices and peripherals – one of these is a high speed USB 3.0 port, which means you can transfer large files quicker than ever before. 

If you don’t want to use the Miracast connection, you can use the HDMI port to attach your laptop to your HDTV. (Read full product description, click here). 


I like that finally I have a new laptop, I’ve been planning to get one for the longest time but I can only completely call it “mine” when it’s fully paid. I am not used to its wide screen resolution of 15.6″  inches since my previous laptop was just 11 inches but I like that I don’t have to move my eyes very near the screen anymore (I’m nearsighted btw), haha. I chose a laptop over a desktop computer because laptops can be brought everywhere. Many say that desktops are still the best but the only problem with it is if we travel, I can’t take my work with me.

This USB mouse that came with the package is working perfectly fast. 

The laptop is Operated by Windows 8, actually all brand new laptops in the stores now have W8 OS. I’m really not very familiar with Windows 8 as I use Windows 7 starter but I’m starting to learn and get the hang of it. I’m not a techy person so I can’t tell from a computer whiz’s perspective if the laptop’s performance and features are great but so far I love that it response so fast – doesn’t lag and responds all the time. Although a church mate said “pwede na para sa gaming” (“can be used in gaming”) so I guess it’s already a good choice. We’re not gamers so we can’t really test the laptop’s strengths when it comes to games. I don’t install much apps either, what I only need the most are: Skype, Chrome, Firefox, Photoshop, MS office, Dropbox and some video and mp3 apps.

I love this bag, it looks durable

I chose color black this time because it’s the safest device color to choose. My previous laptop was white (and I always love white) but I realize white may not be a good choice for a device as it easily gets dirt and it also turns yellowish after a few years of use. The battery is only 6-cell and all I can say is it gets easily drained. I think the device can only last for 2.5 to 3 hours before the battery is used up. I’m planning on upgrading the battery to 9-cell in the future, I still have to check how much the cost will be. Another thing I like about it is that it has a number pad. Most laptops don’t have one but I’m surprised to see one on this. I’m more used to using a PC keyboard so this feature is a plus for me.

So far, the performance is amazing and I love it. I wish it will stay that way for years. I’m starting to get used to Windows 8 but I still have a lot to learn. As for my old notebook, I’m planning on reformatting this and delete most files or transfer it to the new lappy that way it will probably work fast again – I hope so. I’m planning on completely unloading all the files and unnecessary apps on the notebook to prevent it from completely stop working. I’m happy I got a new laptop, this will be my new companion especially as I learn more and more about blogging. I’d like to think of it as my late birthday gift – a treat for myself.

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  1. What you got is your handy friend. You ought to take care of it to serve you better and longer. A friendly advice, please take any chances to lend it to somebody for you will regret later in case it won't work efficiently or breakdown. Laptop is too expensive for a good, high quality one. Enjoy your new friend and keep on blogging. (3rd comment – Gil Camporazo)

  2. My old laptop was Toshiba. It was reliable, but I had to upgrade so I had to replace it. Hope the new laptop will inspire you to blog often.

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