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SB Park – Batasan Hills, QC

Who doesn’t love Fridays? If not all, I’m sure most of us loooove Fridays! During Fridays, my energy goes up knowing that it’ll just be few hours before day off/weekend. Since I work at night, I am always excited to finish the Friday night’s shift. During Fridays, I don’t mind if I don’t get enough rest because I know I don’t have work the following day. So last Friday, since SB Park in Batasan Hills, QC is just a few meters away from where we currently live, I decided to tell Dane to go there and take Nate with us.

Us enjoying our stay in the public park – behind us is Batasan Hills National HS

Nate loves to go outside, I can feel his rush of excitement every time we get near the door. And when we’re out, he shouts and laughs. So as expected, that’s what he did when we went out. We wanted to at least be able to visit the park once or twice a week.

Nate enjoying some tickle time with his Papa. 😀

It’s a public park so it is definitely for free. There are swings, slides, seesaws everywhere and there are a lot of kids playing there everyday. If you go to parks, you may also want to take some cash with you because you can’t resist the tempting vendors outside selling street foods, burgers, mga kakanin, etc! I know when we regularly take Nate there when he’s older, he’ll meet new friends and at the same time, it’ll limit his screen time (TV/Tab). I am somehow expecting this problem already by now as most kids are really hooked with gadgets nowadays.

Beside the Park is the QCPD Batasan Hills Station 7

It was just a typical Friday afternoon with people resting, students practicing their dance steps and other school related activities and little kids having fun. We sat there for quite some time ’til Dane and I decided to buy food for dinner.

Who doesn’t love staying under outside with a perfect weather like this? 

Dane and I had time talking about just anything we can discuss while Nate enjoyed his view. He enjoys seeing little children running and playing. I hope our government will continue to fund these types of projects so more and more children will have a place to play instead of playing beside the streets. It’s too dangerous for them to be staying on the busy streets with so many cars passing by. These parks will not only help them have a great time and keep them away from danger but will also help develop the kids’ physical, mental, motor and most of all social skills.

We need more of these free parks for so more children will chose to play outside rather than stay indoors with TVs and gadgets. Not that I’m saying TVs and gadgets aren’t good at all, these are also important in helping kids learn more but every thing that’s used too much isn’t good. I hope our leaders will continue to do these projects, it would be great if all baranggays in the Philippines will have these types of parks. It may be impossible to wish for that but it can be possible if our leaders will think of the benefit of our little ones.

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34 Replies to “SB Park – Batasan Hills, QC”

  1. I love going to parks, too. It's a nice time to just relax and watch kids playing. You're very lucky you have a park near where you live. Wish I do, too.

  2. I agree. We should have more parks or open spaces where kids can play. I always make it a point to bring the kids out every afternoon so we can walk around the village. Exercise na, nabawasan pa ang iPad time 🙂

  3. Yes to more clean parks! Some adults make other children play on the road(basketball) and sometimes ikaw pa dapat mahiya na dumaan. I would rather take the kids to park too than malls.

  4. When we were in Canada, dun lang na experience ng baby ko na mag park. Dito kasi parang feeling ko di mashado safe at yun facilities ng park kelangan ng upgrade by the local government. Mukhang maganda yang park na malapit sa inyo at well-maintained.


  5. That's too far from home but I know some great parks in the south that I can bring James' too.. As of the moment, I am trying to have some play time on play place like gymboree for him. although it's quite expensive, seeing how happy he is makes it all worth it. Your boy has a very nice hair!! 🙂

  6. There should be more public parks here in Manila considering how urbanized we are already. I'm glad you found this place for your son! A public park in our city is still under construction, but once it's open I'm sure we'll be there all the time!

  7. I agree on that too. I can't say na super linis at well maintained sya pero compared to other public parks, I think ok na sya. May mga nasira na ding swings kaya di rin tlaga sya masyadong safe, kailangan tutukan si baby pag nagsimula ng maglaro dun. hehe.

  8. I hope our lawmakers can create a bill that would require all barangays in the country to have at least one safe and clean public park. Our kids' generation needs more open spaces. Nakaka suffocate na ang syudad.

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