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Nate’s Teeth are out!

At last, after waiting for a few months, Nate’s teeth are finally out! We’ve been waiting for quite a really long time for this and at last, my guess that it will come out this month was realized. Lol. I cannot describe how long we thought was it before they came out. Let me tell you something, when he was still about 4 months old we’ve already noticed that his lower gum looked somewhat sore (or maybe we were just being OA, lol) we thought he’d have his teeth early. Last year when we were in his pedia, that was October I believe, she also thought that his teeth were coming out in November. Now come December 2014 and they’re still hiding peacefully inside his gums! Lol! His teething signs were showing in as early as 3 months so we thought he’d have his first teeth earlier but I know babies have their own developmental timeline so I didn’t worry because I know they’ll come out in their own special time and they definitely did! 
This is the nearest and clearest caption I could get. He won’t let me see them 🙂
Just a few days ago, I could see his teeth becoming more and more obvious everyday and finally, I could feel them! Haaa! So that’s how it feels – it’s like a sharp saw. Now I’m facing another challenge in breastfeeding as he starts using his teeth to bite me. I just hope I can bear the pain and that I can teach him properly or at least do something about it so he won’t keep on biting.

Are you breastfeeding? What do you do to prevent your baby from biting every time you nurse him/her?

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  1. I am a proud breastfeeding mom to a two-year-old boy 🙂 It is actually difficult to avoid being bitten while feeding my baby especially when he is teething or just being playful. Most of the time, I would be surprised and I would shout in pain (sometimes it just feels like a sting). After which I would tell him not to bit Mommy because blood might come out and he can't have his milk. He seems to understand because the biting episodes were lessened 🙂

  2. Nice! I can still remember that feeling when I saw my daughter's first tooth coming out… yun lang I wasn't breastfeeding.. coz i had hypertension and got to take meds. yayks! I am also wondering how to deal with that..

  3. If you notice that your baby is full, get him off your breast immediately. sometimes, they just suckle without really feeding (you will know) and would attempt to bite. (I breastfed my youngest till he was 5 – and i am a working mom too 🙂

  4. Wow, what a milestone! But so sorry, sis, I can't give you a good answer to your question because to be honest, I'm not a breastfeeding expert. I only breastfed my son on the day he was born. That's because I have a medical condition that needed prompt medication.

  5. I wasn't able to breastfeed, i know its good for the baby. I'm thankful my daughter is growing okay nman. Confined in the hospital only once when she was 2. Now she's already 7 and starting to apper her permanent teeth. Well good luck to you and congrats for the new milestone of your baby boy.

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