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Nate’s 8th Month Update

Nate just turned 8 months today! It feels like he’s been with us for years but also feels like time flies to fast! I don’t know – I just can’t explain it. Everyday has always been a challenge as he continues to improve and learn new things. He’s such a wonderful baby, as always and I hope God will give us wisdom as we take care and nurture this precious gift. Here are some of his developmental milestones:

-Can completely sit alone
-Loves to play “peek-a-boo” and laughs hysterically sometimes
-Can stand on his crib alone by holding on to the sides of it
-Can walk when held in his hands
-Cries when in the dark (or left alone in the dark)
-Cries when he sees mum from afar
-Grabs things, puts them in mouth and drops them
-Play with his tongue by making noises (also bites his tongue due to teething)
-Transitions from sitting to standing quickly (with support)
-Tries to lift his body up from lying down
-Crawls fast (starts crawling using his knees but not at all times)
-Teeth are becoming more and more visible each day
-When nursed, he sometimes hold mama’s booby and take them to his mouth
-Loves to go out, knows (I think) what it means when we tell him “let’s go” and “c’mon”. Also gets too excited when we start opening the door.

Last week, Nate unfortunately had diarrhea and was also vomiting so we were somewhat in panic, unsure what to do first. I even cried when I saw him pooping really watery stool. We may just be worrying too much but the sight of him throwing up every time I nurse him was alarming for me and Dane. We bought Pedialyte for him to drink and took him to the hospital to have him checked. We were given some prescriptions to stop diarrhea and vomiting. Thankfully, after 2 days I believe, he was back to normal.

Separation anxiety was also seen on Nate recently. I would cry when the room is dark. He’d cry when he wants my attention, he also wants to be held. There are some times that he’d cry when Dane holds him but stops crying when I start carrying him. It was a challenge since he couldn’t express himself much yet. Crying is still his number one queue for “I’m bored”, “I’m hungry”, “I’m afraid”, “I sleepy”. I am looking for ways on how he can overcome separation anxiety and will definitely talk about it more in the future.

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  1. Your son has manifested an advanced development as an 8-year old. I sense that he is developing so well. That kind of manifestation may be improved if the parents are sustaining their child, giving an opportunity to grow.

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