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Nate Says “Thank you for the gifts”!!!

Last December 28th was my 26th birthday and all I can say is it wasn’t an ordinary day. It was our church’s annual thanksgiving day. It was a very busy and fun day and we were encouraged by God’s word through our dear Pastor Boni – he talked about rekindling our faithfulness in the ministry. It has become our church’s tradition of some sort to give gifts to our godchildren during Thanksgiving so I had my gifts prepared few days before the event.

People say that when you become a parent – it doesn’t matter anymore if people gives you a gift or not, when you see them giving gifts for your little one/s, you feel satisfied. I just felt that for the very first time on my birthday! I only got 1 gift that day but I received so many gifts for Nate and I feel as happy as though the gifts were for me. These are the gifts he got.

1. Train and socks from Tita Shamaecha

She actually gave 3 pairs of socks, it so happened the the other 2 were wet. Lol. 
2. A pair of sleeveless and shorts from Tita Angela
Tita Angela made sure there’s enough allowance on this pair for Nate. hehe

3. Bath-time partners: mummy duck and baby ducks from Tita Melody and Tito Evanie
The ducklings are so cute! 🙂
4. Shirt from Tita Grace-Ann

Thank you! 🙂
5. Bed time musical projector from Doc Angel and Doc Glenn
This one’s so cute. Thank you doc! 

6. ‘Secret’ from his “ateko” (older sister) Jhanysse
Thank you nak! 😀

7. Shapes from Kuya Aweng
Aweng is our godson, he’s turning 3 this April. 

8. Shaker from Gabe

Gabe’s papa said he has 2 shakers so they decided to give the other one to Nate. 
Gabe is a cutie baby we met in San Mateo, Rizal. Nate played with him we visited their place. Gabe is just a month (and some days) older than Nate. 
Thank you for all the generous givers and for remembering to give gifts for Nate. We appreciate all of it. It’s not the gift – it’s always the thought that counts. 

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  1. For me, gifts don't matter. They're "pakitang-tao" so to speak. But my point here is the intention, the willingness and the sincerity of the giver, meaning it is the how of giving that greatly counts, rather than the what to give. (2nd comment – Gil Camporazo)

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