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My Samples have Arrived!

Everybody loves samples – I always do. We want to get everything free and discounted. Of course, who wouldn’t want a discounted price, right? No matter how small it is, when it’s free, we’ll love it! I just received my 2nd shipment of the samples I availed online through Sample Room and I am one happy camper! I ordered using the points I accumulated from the previous reviews I made from the first set of products I tried and from the referrals I was able to make. 
As usual, I paid PHP 100 for shipping and handling, it’s always how it works. I actually got the shipment sent delivered right away this time; the previous package had to be redelivered the next day because the delivery man was having difficulty locating the address. The package I got now is bigger compared to the first one and this time, Dane has his own products to try! Isn’t that nice?

-Belo Men Oil Control Face Wash (100ml)
-Belo Men Oil Control Facial Cleanser (60ml Bundled full- size)
-Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash (2 pcs. 15ml)
-Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Toothpaste (1pc. 10g)

I can’t wait to try these and I’m also excited to hear what Dane has to say about his products. I will definitely post a review after trying these out.

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