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Hello 2015!

There are so many things that I expect and look forward to this year. I expect more responsibilities as a WAHM and as a wife, I expect more challenges to come my way and more trials to encounter that will make me a better person. There are also planned events that we look forward to this year so we have to start saving and cost cutting big time.

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1. Planned Vacations

Last year, I have availed of the airfare promo by Cebu Pacific and decided to book my family for a trip going to Manila so we can reunite with them. They’re booked to arrive in March 30th, all 4 of them – our tatay (father), nanay (mother), Jeriel (unico hijo) and Ashiel (youngest child). In the holy week of April, we are planning to attend the Luzon Grace Youth Conference (LGYC) to be held in Baguio City so we’re so excited about it and I’m a bit anxious for the possible expenses I’ve yet to compute but I know God will meet all the financial needs. It’s one of my dreams to take my family to a short vacation to a place they’ve never been before and this is it. I am starting to save for this conference already.

A virtual friend for years has also just recently availed of an airfare promo to come to Manila and visit us. This will be in July and I am so excited about it. We’re planning on going South – she told me about a nice place in Quezon that they want to visit. We’re also planning to be drop by either Pangasinan or Tagaytay. We haven’t finalized everything yet but I am so excited for this – not just for the trips but also for the bonding we will have. 🙂

2. More challenges

This year, I expect more and more challenges to come especially that Nate is getting more mobile and active everyday. His teeth are becoming very obvious and I think they’ll come out within this month (I hope so, we’ve been waiting for quite a long time). With that, I know there are more challenges for me as a new mum when it comes to taking care of him. I’m going to need more parenting advises and I know we can do it.

Nate turns one year old this year and I am planning a DIY birthday and dedication (christening) ceremony for him. I’m not sure of the themes and I haven’t finalized the program yet but I will surely share the results with my co-bloggers. 🙂

Since last year, Dane and I have had some “talk” about him going abroad for work so I’m not sure if that’s going to happen this year but he’s waiting for his exam schedule with POEA – so far no one’s contacted him yet. If this is realized this year, that’s another challenge for me in raising Nate alone for some years plus to our relationship. We’re just giving it all to God for now and just do our part.

3. Personal Challenges

Aside from becoming a better mother and wife, I also have some personal challenges I’d like to be realized for this year. First to that is my blogging. I’d like to be consistent in blogging and continue to share my journey with my readers. I am excited and happy to know more and more bloggers along the way and they’ve always inspired me to be a better blogger.

My ministry in the church is also something I’d like to pursue doing since I’ve stopped teaching kids after Nate come out. I want to continue improve our women’s ministry in the church and I hope we can continue to have regular meetings and prayer meetings together to encourage others.

2015 is very promising and challenging both for me and Dane. My only wish is that God will give us the knowledge we need everyday.

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