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2014 in a Nutshell

Sometimes, we don’t know what blessings we have until we start counting them. This year has brought so many things in my life – ups and downs, trials and blessings. So as we end the year and bid goodbye to 2014, I’d like to remember all the great things I can remember in 2014.
Spent New Year’s eve with our friends and church mates in San Mateo, Rizal where we had a really great view of the fireworks display of Eastwood. It was a great time to welcome 2014, I remembered we’d just eat, rest, talk, laugh, eat again and chit-chat. It was fun, I called my family in Tagum and I was told they had a great celebration at the City Hall of Tagum as well. I remembered gaining much weight that time that my OB told me to go on a diet since I was about 6 weeks pregnant already. 
Second Trimester is definitely the best trimester of all! No morning sickness just like the first trimester and no fatigue due to a big tummy as well unlike the third trimester. It’s the time when Nate’s movements were so cute and were getting stronger each day. 
Fellowship in Quezon City Memorial Circle
We also had the chance to attend the Youth’s Cluster Fellowship with my cute little Nate in my tummy! ‘twas always a happy moment to fellowship with the young people. The fellowship was held  in Quezon City Memorial Circle.

After 1 year and 2 months marriage, I finally got my first government issued ‘Matugas’ ID! It was from Philhealth and a few weeks later, I also got the SSS ID. I was a very happy camper that time.

Another blessings we got were the so many clothes and baby stuff given by our dear Janice. We call her “nak” (‘anak’/daughter) and she just surprised us with soooo many stuff for Nate! I loved all of it. Nate has been using almost all of them now.

February was also the anniversary of CLAG (Central Luzon Association of Grace Churches). We had fellowship with all the Grace churches within Central Luzon, it’s always amazing to worship God with all our brethren in CLAG. It’s also a great time to catch up with other believers in the Lord. The event was held in the Philippine Christian University (PCU)-Taft.

CLAG anniversary in Philippine Christian University

One of the greatest challenges we had this time was when my mother was admitted to the hospital, she needed 5 bags of blood. She has bleeding problems, she was previously diagnosed with adenomyosis and she’s having menstrual that last up to a week or two. The very night she was brought to the hospital, I thought about her and the hymns she loved so when I heard she was rushed, I was bursting out and was. I told her to hang on so she can see Nate and God is faithful, he healed her. Many people came to help donate blood for her.

We had a first glimpse of Nate’s face via the black and white ultrasound and we both didn’t know how it felt like. We were just staring at the photo for a very long time. His gender was revealed in December 2013 which was a great birthday gift for Dane and I as well. We were so happy, we always wanted a boy but a baby girl isn’t a problem also.

Another Cluster Fellowship was held in Quezon City for the Young People and because we wanted to still attend, we did. We had fun watching them play parlor games and do group presentations. We love fellowships because they give us time to have a break, enjoy with other participants and also learn God’s words from different speakers.

Dane’s niece and a church mate wed in their hometown in Leyte at the end of April. He was one of the secondary sponsors so he had the chance to go back and visit his hometown. Since I was almost due and labor was nearing, I stayed at home. Dane said it was a great wedding and venue – with a wonderful ceremony area facing the seaside and highlighting the sunset.

Nate was being very kind during this time to patiently wait for his papa to go home before popping out. God is good all the time, He answered our wishes. We had just one problem during this time – Dane missed his flight. The travel to Ormoc Airport took longer than usual so he wasn’t able to get to his scheduled flight. He had go back home by land but the next scheduled trip was still in the next day. So he had an unplanned stay in a hotel in Tacloban and travelled by bus in the morning. His travel was more than 24 hrs but we were both happy when he went home and I was still pregnant, lol.

This was the highlight of our year. Nate came out 2 days after my due date. My labor and delivery was something I will never ever forget. The pain was just indescribable! I was able to deliver Nate without any problems but later I realized I was extremely bleeding. Thank God the medicine helped.

Nate’s few hours of life 🙂

Nate came out just in time for mother’s day. I didn’t know what exactly to feel to celebrate my first mother’s day recovering. Nate was so little back then and we just love to stare at him all the time!  Later part of the month, we flew to Davao City to visit my family and for them to see Nate as a baby too. Nate was only 2 ½ months old at that time. Fortunately, he was just sleeping throughout the flight. We stayed with my family in Tagum for 1 whole week.

Dane’s FB greeting for my first mother’s day 
Generation to generation: from left to right – me, Nate, my Lola, my mother

Our family in Tagum City

Dane had his first experience of Father’s day as well. They were recognized in the church and I can see he was happy with it. June 5thmarked Nate’s first month of life and we’ve seen so many wonderful developments from him day by day. I started tracking his developmental milestones monthly.

Dane’s first Father’s day

Another fellowship was held in our church in Golden Shower Grace Gospel Church of Christ with theme “Unstoppable”. It’s just now that I realize how many cluster fellowships we have every year and I still think the interval’s too long! Haha. I just love fellowships so much I guess.

Dane and I are GILAS PILIPINAS fans. So the entire channel last August was on TV5 to watch the GILAS’s journey to the FIBA-World. Even though we only won once (vs Senegal), the fact that the Philippine team is back to the world stage in basketball is already very promising. I can still how it seemed like we won a championship after that Senegal win!  Go Gilas!  🙂

During one of GILAS’s game in Spain 🙂

August was the first for me to celebrate the world breastfeeding week and I am so happy to be part of it. I breastfeed not only to save money but I also believe breast milk is always best for babies. Nate is exclusively breastfed and I’m hoping to breastfeed him ‘til his 2 years old.

My post to support the world breastfeeding week

I had the chance to meet and reunite with some of my high school classmates in Cubao for a short time. It was fun chit-chating with them and some of the funny moments we had in High School. We were hoping to have a reunion in Mindanao next year to celebrate our 10th year after graduating in High School.

Our HS reunion

September was one busy month for Melody, a friend and church mate as she prepared for their wedding. I was happy to be part of the planning team and can’t forget we how we walked through the streets of Divisoria with Nate and Evanie, her groom.

This year, my mother celebrated her 50th birthday. I’m so happy for her and wish for more time with her here on Earth. She’s a good mother and I can’t forget her great dedication and love for the ministry. We were raised in a rural place and we live a very simple life. We never even had Jollibee when we were young but I don’t blame my parents for it. I’m happy they’re my family. I can see in them their commitment in the work of God that never failed. We had difficulty financially but I am so proud of them for being able to raise us well.

Mother’s 50th birthday greeting

Our dear friend, Melody and Evanie finally tied the knot and we’re just so happy for them. I’m happy Melody finally found her better half. I was teary eyed when I saw her in her gown, getting ready to walk down the aisle. I’ve known both of them for quite a long time already, had I known it’s going to be them in the end, I would’ve paired them earlier. Lol. Nevertheless, I know God prepared that special time for both of them. I always wish them happiness in their marriage and strength as they live life together.

Melody and Evanie’s wedding, with the officiating minister, Ptr. Norsie (center)

October bride and groom with the wedding singers 🙂

Bride and Groom with the church family

We had a great time with our friend/kumara/kumpadre Kathlene and John with their son (our godson), Liam Carlisle. We had a short family time with them at Seafood Island in Trinoma Mall. It was such a great time catching up with them and talking about our kids.

Dinner with John, Katie and Liam
Liam looks so adorable here. 🙂

Wow! December! Nate finally turned 7 months old, where did time go? It was great that our friend was able to avail of the deal posted in MetroDeal, we spent the night in Laguna at Makiling Highlands resort. We had night swimming and had a really great time!

Kiddie Pool! LOL!

Nate’s first swim! 

December is always a busy month for everyone, same with us here. December 5th  was Nate’s 7th month old. December 12th, our 2nd wedding anniversary, December 17th, our6th year and 2 months together, December 23rd, Dane’sbirthday and December 28th, my birthday. That’s so many dates to remember. The same day I celebrated my 26th birthday, we also celebrated our church thanksgiving day. And the day after, a sister (church-mate), Norbie Joy, celebrated her 18th birthday.

Norbie’s 18th birthday

Norbie Joy’s debut in San Jose, Rizal

Our church annual thanksgiving day

It’s a such a great year!  God has always been very good to us all throughout. He is always faithful. Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you all have a great time with your family today. 

2 Replies to “2014 in a Nutshell”

  1. Wow! My son's birthday is also May 5! Cinco de Mayo babies! Glad to know you are exclusively breastfeeding Nate. Most memorable year talaga sa ating mga mommies ang taon kung kailan tayo naging nanay! More memorable and happy moments for your family this 2015. Cheers!

  2. Thank you! Ang galing! Nakakatuwa naman na sabay pa ang birthday ng mga chikiting natin. Cinco de Mayo babies nga daw talaga sila. Yes, I'm exclusively breastfeeding di lang dahil tipid sa bulsa, mas convenient din sya para sa akin. Have an amazing 2015 to you and your family too! 😀

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