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Typhoon Ruby (Hagupit) #PrayForThePhilippines

The Philippines is again facing a great challenge as many homes were torn apart and devastated by Typhoon Ruby (International name “Hagupit”). Up to date, it has been reported that there were 21 dead (according to the Philippine Red Cross)/8 (acc. to NDRRMC), 151 were wounded and millions were forced to evacuate to shelters to ensure safety.

Source: Google

It has been said that if typhoon Haiyan was the strongest typhoon, it is Ruby that said the longest in the Philippine area of responsibility. Reports say that typhoon continues to weaken into a tropical storm which gives a little sigh of relief as our nation continues to pray for the storm to completely cease. It’s been told that typhoon Ruby has caused a fewer damage compared to typhoon Haiyan which could be because either, 1.) we are more prepared now, or 2.) typhoon Rubys is not as strong as Yolanda.

Here in Quezon City, MM, we felt the rains of Ruby last Sunday, December 7th in the everning where it continued pouring out until the morning and evening of December 8th ’til earlier today, December 9th. As of writing, the rain has finally stopped however, the dark clouds continue to hide the sun from shinning.

We have already experienced so many typhoons together and I am confident that the Philippines will continue to overcome any other typhoon that will try to destroy us. No matter what it is, the Filipino heart will always find reasons to look for the brighter side, we are always stronger than any typhoon, we will surely overcome this one too.

Together, let us continue to pray for those who were greatly affected and devastated by typhoon Ruby, This too shall pass. The rainbow will soon appear.

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