The Perks of Working at Home

Nowadays, more and more people are relying on the internet for almost anything. Some use the internet for entertainment, news, update, socialization, communication and even business. Many have become aware of how to make money out of working online. What benefits do one usually get for working at home using the internet? 
I’ve worked as an online customer service since February 2012. And up to now, I’m still working in the same company. This is the longest company I worked with so far since I started working in 2009. As a WAHM myself, I have several reasons why I chose to work at home.

1. CONVENIENCE. We can’t deny this. Your job is just right at your fingertips, who doesn’t love that anyway? You can start working as soon as you open your laptop/PC. This one of the greatest reasons why more and more choose to work at home.

2. SAVES TIME. Back when I worked in the office, I remember I had to wake up at least 2 ½ hours before shift to prepare and make sure I’m not late. Now, if you need more time to rest, you can even wake up 10 minutes before your shift starts.

3. NO TRANSPO FEE. We all know that transporting to work is not just time consuming but also quite expensive since you still have to save a budget from your paycheck for daily fare.

4. DIRECT CLIENT. I have to say I am blessed with an amazing boss. What’s good about working at home is that you work straight to the client. You usually have just one boss.

5. NO SALARY DEDUCTIONS. We all love receiving our pays without deductions! I remember before, I sometimes feel very sad when I see a huge chunk of deduction on my pay. If you think about your individual contributions like SSS, Philhealth, PAG-IBIG and other contributions you need to pay, you can definitely go straight away and change your status to being a volunteer payer.

6. YOU HOLD YOUR TIME. Although as a CSR, I myself have time commitment at work, I know a lot of people who work at their own time. Isn’t that cool?

I am not saying that working at home is perfect; there are always pros and cons that you have to weigh. Medical and other benefits like holiday are mostly not included. Most of these jobs are “no-work-no-pay” basis. Some also became victims of scam or not getting the right pay they were promised (I’m fortunate I land into a good and reliable company). Other say that you lose your social life when you work online, which for me really depends upon the individual. Again, there are also disadvantages with working at home that you have to consider but for me, especially now that I have a family of my own, being able to work at home is a great blessing.

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  1. I can totally relate and I would agree in everything you mentioned. I once worked at home. But I have to finish my studies, so I went back to studying muna. Working at home is best for moms. 🙂 or anyone actually. Mas cool lang kasi pag work at home mom. Although stressing kasi sometimes you can't concentrate na din sa work kasi since you're at home, sometimes, people fail to realize that you are "working." that's the downside. 🙁

  2. I totally agree with you. My husband just recently got accepted for a home-based job and one night he woke up late but just gets up, turns on the computer then works. Saves so much time and hassle. 🙂

  3. There are indeed many advantages of working at home. But beware, our job as wahms aren't a bit easier than those working outside. Sometimes the problems arise in the most inconvenient times. It helps to be always prepared and updated on your skills.

  4. I've recently been a victim of an online employer who refused to pay me the agreed-upon monthly salary. That didn't prevent me, however, from still looking for better online employment opportunities. While waiting, I'm doing online tutorial with my previous employer. I'm used to working at home because I get to see my son and attend to his needs before and after school.

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