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The Knot: Our Wedding Website

While I was browsing the internet today, I thought it’d be cool to search my name in google. It’s funny how the search results can lead you back to memories of yesterday.

As I scroll through the results, I found our old wedding website I made before we got married. And this is what it showed me:

Our wedding website

Are you kidding me right now? We’ve been married for 721 days? It’s so wonderful of you to keep counting the days we’ve been married. This led me back to the days of anxiety and stress during the entire preparation, all paid off after the wedding. I’m so thankful I found The Knot back then!
The Knot is a free wedding website for all couples planning to marry soon. What’s good about it is it helps you with how you plan your wedding. It provides a sample planner on what needs to be completed months before the wedding. It also has suggestions for almost everything from motifs, to themes, to gowns and photographers. 
For all brides-to-be, you might want to check and visit their site. Enjoy planning! 

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