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oDesk: Finding an Online Job

Just a few days ago, I posted something about the benefitsof being a WAHM and why I chose to work online. This post will give you a little overview of where I found my job. 
Source: oDesk homepage
Odesk is one of the most popular online website when it comes to working online. Last December 18, 2013, Odesk has signed an agreement to merge with Elance, which is also an online staffing platform. Odesk is your online classified ads. It has a lot of new job posting almost every day from clients looking for CSRs, Appointment Setters, transcriptionists, data entry, web developers, bilingual CSRs, ESLs, Virtual Assistants, Email correspondents, voice talents and sometimes, clients will even look for singers!


If you are interested in looking for an online job through oDesk, it may take time but it’s worth it. Like any other sites, oDesk will require you to sign up and create an account. You’ll have to add your personal information, you’re hourly rate, certifications if there be any, overview about you, your line of skills, employment history, educational background, and of course, you profile photo.

Source: oDesk sign up page
Take time to determine your strongest skills, what do you do best? Focus on those strengths and emphasize them on your overview to give your client a good impression of you. Upload a video – this is a new one, I didn’t have to upload a video back when I created my account in 20009, but this should be optional. A video will just be a summary about you and your skills.


Of course, you’d want to send as many cover letters as you can to get more chances of getting a job, however, upon sign up, you only have 2 application quotas. Until you’re oDesk ready, your application quota will remain 2. This doesn’t count any applications that are more than 7 days as well as declined, withdrawn and client-initiated applications. This is where the Odesk readiness test (oRT) comes in.

Source: my oDesk personal profile
This test is composed of 11 questions. You have to have a perfect score to pass, so it’s perfect or retake! Don’t worry, unlike other oDesk exams, it’s an open book and not timed. If you fail, you can redo the test any time and there’s no limit in retaking the test so you can just redo ‘til you get a perfect score and pass the oRT. As soon as you pass the oRT, your application quota will increase to 5. 


Another way to increase your application quota is by taking tests. There are so many tests you can choose from so better start with those you know you can easily pass. Passing one test will raise your quota to 10 (after taking oRT), passing 2 or 3 tests will raise it to 15, pass 4 or more will give you 20 application quotas.

Source: oDesk tests
That’s a lot that you need to send more cover letters. You must post your test results as public in order to increase your quota. The test result will let you know if you’re one of the top scorers. In addition to that, after a pending job, you can also increase your application quota depending on the feedback given by the client.  Some applications will require you to take a certain test as part of their requirement in applying for their job post. 


So now that you’ve already sent your cover letters to all job postings that you like, you suddenly get notified for an interview with the client! That may sound both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! Don’t worry, the clients are friendly. Most interviews are done through Skype. Some clients will want to have a video call; some will just prefer to have a voice conversation. Once you pass, you should be provided more information about the job, when to start, what are the expectations you need to meet, etc.

Source: my oDesk application quota and job interview
Finding an online job may be difficult to some as there are many that don’t get paid well, get scammed or given a job that’s not what was discussed in the job posting. This is the reason I believe why oDesk is being very articulate when it comes to their policies. Every client is required to verify their payment methods to make sure the freelancers get their pay. If you have any problems, you always have oDesk on your back to help you.

    Are you looking for an online job, oDesk may be what you need. 

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