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Friday Night Out in Makiling Highlands Resort

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About a month and a half ago, a good friend and church mate invited us to take the promo offered in MetroDeal for a cheaper entrace fee to Makiling Highlands Resort. We availed of it. I’ve never been to the said resort so I myself was kind of excited about it. Not only that we’ll surely have fun but just the thought of being able to of being able to take a break from work, the daily routine and the life in the city, even for just a short while puts a smile on my face. And it’s not only better that we’re able to schedule it in a Friday, but also, the very same day Nate turned 7 months.

Friday afternoon around 4pm, we were finally set and ready to leave. Quezon City to Laguna. It should only take about 2 hours but the Friday ride has added 1 hour on our travel. We arrived safe and sound at 7 pm in Makiling Highlands, we only availed of of the public of the public pools and unfortunately, the water wasn’t warm (as advertised online) so we nobody thought of thought of going for a swim yet. I decided to talk to the people in-charge and I learned that the large pool is is only warm during Tuesdays and Wednesdays since it’s huge and cannot be warmed up easily. Although, what he said was that they could put warm water on the kiddie pool for us. So we had no choice but to stay on the kid’s poll so we wont get cold right away as our original plan was to stay overnight. That didn’t stop us from having fun! Hahaha.

Adult pool and the lower grotto where we stayed

The cottage we had was so small, just a covered wooden table that’s approximately for 8 people. I then noticed the lower grotto near us and thought of transferring there instead. I asked the person in-charge if we can do that and was told yes. My friend said grotto’s price is different from the table cottages but what surprised us is that they could have us stay there and get if for free since it’s near Christmas. Haha. I love holidays! So we got to the grotto area and got 2 spaces for free. That should’ve been for a total of PhP 1,400 (Php 700 per space).

The rooms are kindda far from the pool so we decided not to get a room anymore. My main reason was because the person who will watch over Nate when he sleeps will not be able to have fun with us. So I instead prepare a safe space in on of the tables for Nate to sleep.

Nate’s first swim! 🙂

It was Nate’s first swim and I was so happy to see him so laid back! He never cried! We had so much fun. We played like little kids, watched movies right beside the pool, and because we were not contented with the kid’s pool, we later moved to the adult pool! Even though it was cold at first, we got used to it! We laughed hard, took the slides, ate, played games, ate, rest, and ate again. It was an amazing time with friends I think what’s great about this trip was the fact that there were only a few customers that time that we felt like we rented the entire place! At around 4 am though, Dane and I got tired and sleepy so we took a nap, the rest of them still had fun ’til the morning!

I woke up at 5:30 am and saw that everyone was packing up and getting ready to leave. I looked around and admired the place. Since we arrived at night time, I never had the chance to admire the place ’til the morning. I then learned that the resort has a basketball court and a team building area complete with obstacle course for companies or groups who want to have team building program. I also learned that there are many private pools for those group who would like to avail of it instead of the public place.

Makiling Highlands Resort Public Pool and Rooms

The air was fresh, as expected, the place is good, the resort is maintained and the slides are great if you’re into it. Out of 10, I will give the resort an overall of 6.5 based on cleanliness, amenities, accessibility and store. The products in the store was highly expensive with a Nova Chips being at Php 40 on a Php 15 SRP and coffee being Php 28 for those with Php 6 SRP so better have everything ready from cup noodles to soaps and shampoos, to safety matches or lighters when planning on having fun in Makiling Highlands Resort.

Makiling Highlands Resort Rooms

25 Replies to “Friday Night Out in Makiling Highlands Resort”

  1. It looks like a nice resort for an outing. It's just unfortunate that the water is cold. Most resorts in Laguna (at least in the Pansol area) have pool water coming from a hotspring. We rented one resort last December there and although it was a cold time of the year, everyone enjoyed our swim since the water's warm–quite soothing actually.

  2. I grew up passing by in Los Banos laguna since every weekend we went to my Lolo's place in Pagsanjan Laguna we always rented a private pool since my dad is so conscious when it comes to cleanliness. Madalas hot yung water :-). It's nice pala sa Makiling Highlands

  3. They should have emphasized on their advertisement that water is only cold during those days stated. But good thing though that you mentioned it here in your blog for future reference. Glad that the little one enjoyed it so much. 🙂

  4. We've been to this resort many times already (as well as their other branch, just beside Pizza Hut) as I've previously availed of their membership. They are not really that strict when it comes to cottages, especially when there are not much customers. 🙂

  5. We used to swim in Laguna and when I was in high school I remember going there with my classmates to swim 🙂 There are months na malamig there. I also love their hotsprings. I'll try to remember this Makiling Highlands.

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