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A Wedding to Remember

Dear Dane,

I can still remember how my voice trembled and how I paused and cried while saying my vow. I can still remember how you cried after we were pronounced ‘husband and wife’. I can still remember how that simple wedding turned out to the one of the greatest memories of my life. I can still remember almost everything on our wedding day! 

Happy 2nd wedding anniversary my love. It seems like it was only yesterday when we said those vows in front of God and our witnesses! It’s funny how stressed we were during preparation. We even had some small fights back then. And remember how thin you were while you work hard to make sure we meet all financial needs that time? Yeah, me too!

God has been really great and amazing in our lives after we wed. We have been blessed with so many generous people who helped us as we began our lives together as married couple. This year, as we agree, is a great year for us as another blessing came through the birth of Nate. We should always be thankful for what we have.

I’m not saying that our lives together were pure happiness. Every now and then we have these little fights. We’d argue, we’d have quarrels, and we were so challenged when we became new parents. This year was the toughest so far but I’m just so happy we’re able to reconcile, forgive and forget.

You are an amazing, kind, loving father to Nate. I love you and I’m sorry for everything. We may not celebrate this day with an awesome date; I’m still thankful and grateful for your life. I know that I have you on my side no matter what. Let’s continue to face this crazy life together! I love you! Happy anniversary my dear!

Thank you for all your effort to understand my stubbornness and my bipolar attitude. I know you’re so fed up with me sometimes but you never gave up. Thank you so much. Forgive me for all my shortcomings and thank you for loving me in spite of my imperfections. I know this is just the beginning. We’ll still have so many fights and arguments to go through and I hope that as we continue to face life’s challenges together, let’s not forget that the Lord is on our side and is just a prayer away.

Hope these photos bring back the memories. 🙂
Pose with family
Groom and groom’s men
The venue
With friends 🙂
With secondary sponsors

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