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The first thing I did when I saw him was poke his cheek! 🙂

What I only remember is I pushed so hard for the very last time and when I woke up, I just noticed I was already in a different room. I didn’t know how long I fell asleep but when I woke up, I knew I was still very sleepy but managed to stay awake so I know what happened.

I felt my tummy empty and I thought, “omg, baby is finally out!”. I couldn’t wait to see him, I was looking around and so no one. Then suddenly, a nurse came and told me, “Ma’am, ingat po ah at may tahi kayo” (“Ma’am, be careful, you have stitches.”) so I asked, “nainormal ko po ba?” (did I deliver normally?”) then the nurse said yes so I was so happy I did.

Then I saw Naomi brought to the same room so I asked and congratulated her. We were both able to deliver normally. God is really great! Then I saw a nurse with 2 babies one was a girl and the other one was a boy. I was so excited to see him!

Then he was brought to me, finally! The first thing I did was poke his cheek and cry! He has a very curly hair (this I never expected at all because Dane and both have straight hair). Later I found out that Dane was curly when he was still a baby but his hair became straight after he had his first haircut – that explains why Nate had a curly hair.

I couldn’t explain how it felt and I still remember how wonderful that feeling was! He’s so cute, I stared at him for a few minutes. He’s so little and fragile, that was one of the most amazing thing that’s happened to me. We were then brought to our room where Dane and my sister waited for me. Thankful, I was just so thankful.

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  1. Congratulations on your new baby! Isn't the feeling wonderful? I cried too the first time I saw my daughter. I couldn't express the joy and bliss I felt that day. She's one of God's wonderful blessings to us. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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