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Home, So Sweet Home!

“Our little journey to our new place called “comfort zone”.”

God has been doing a lot of amazing things in our lives since Day 1! He has blessed Dane, my husband, a job. The good news is, his contract with  his job was renewed and so after series of long talk with Dane and with prayers, we have decided to move to a place near his job. This was not an ordinary decision for us to do but this was the best choice we saw. 

We’ve decided to move so Dane can have more time to rest that keep commuting for 4hrs everyday at least. His job is a 12-hr shift so if he travels everyday, it’ll leave him with 8hrs a day to rest and eat, and prepare. That’s a lot of time wasted everyday. So we made up our minds. We looked for a rental place that’s quiet (I needed it for my job too) and near his workplace. With the help of his workmate, we fin’lly got one. We’ve agreed to it and made our next step: stuff-packing! (Believe me, I hated it!) 🙂  

Granted that we just married, we didn’t really have much stuff!

These may look just a few but an FX is not enough to bring all these!

 March 2, 2012

 It was one Saturday morning after mine and Dane’s  evening shift that we’ve started to look for help. And we got one from, of course, our very dear friends, Patrick and Norbie Joy Lanzaderas. They’ve helped us all throughout from taking the things inside the cab to bringing them to our new home.

Daniel, Norbie Joy and Patrick, posed for a photo after a very exhausting ride and after bringing all the things in our new place. There was also this one little boy, who helped us carry our stuff without us asking him for any help. He was just very helpful! 
Patrick, taking a break. 

Dane and Norbie Joy eating some crackers and drinking soda to quench the thirst! 😀


So, ladies and gents, this is our new place, rented (not owned), near Daniel’s workplace, located in Santolan, Pasig. We have kind and friendly neighbor plus 3 lovely dogs (who bark at us every time, lol! except one. I know later they’ll love us!).

Really quiet, peaceful and calm place, I have to admit that I loved it the first day I saw it! 

Right after you open the door…
The magical staircase! :))

Really cute kitchen for two! 😉

Our room and the other room right next to it. 
And for now, this is my workplace ‘coz we haven’t brought my desk and chair yet. Although I have to force Dane to bring them the next time we go to our old place! The chair is giving me back pains and stiff neck! :((

Just the thought of us being able to avail of this kind of abode already makes me very happy and thankful! Plus, the fact that I am with my man everyday and we can spend more time together now, that was just a bonus! 

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