WAHM & Marriage


It’s an ordinary day to some, but to us, today is an extra special day! 31 days passed today, we were standing on a stage in front of God and a hundred and more witnesses. I can still clearly remember how emotional I was on the very moment I saw my very true friends who’ve spared their time for our special day, ’til the moment I walked down the aisle ’til the moment he asked me not to cry because it made him cry too, until the time we were pronounced husband and wife. 

We always want to give all the glory to our God Almighty who made all these happen and making our 2012 a year to remember. We don’t usually go out on a date due to our busy schedules but we had devotion today (and hopefully everyday, we’ve started reading Genesis last month) and we did something unusual! hahaha!

We did a cover of the Katinas’ “Thank You”. And here it is. May God be glorified in our lives! 

Thank you Lord!

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