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ABOUT ME! (by Janice Ubaldo)

If you happen to know her some years ago, just like me, you also have seen how she has changed completely.

I first knew her as that shy-skinny-tall girl in the corner? Ehehehe. My first impressions of her were all overheard. Somebody has told me stories that would involve her since they have been together in the same school. And my reaction then was, oh…good girl. 🙂

Then I came to see her in person and she definitely looked like a good girl. She was wearing conservative clothing yet she also wore compassion and humility. Then, I saw her heart ~ its desire to be of service to the Lord. And I loved the way she talks to the youth and children and how they would call her ate.What made me like her was her innocence…wahahaha! It seemed to me that everything I say is new to her. (Now I dunno what happened, lol.)And she was so thin I thought of her as delicate and sickly, thus I wanted to be of help to her in anyway. 

But who would know that inside that weak-looking physical appearance is a big and strong faith? And that faith~in God and in herself, has enabled her to try to do things she has never imagined she could do. Amazingly she was able to adapt and made herself skilled on them.
I have seen her only then as a mere bible woman who will spend her lifetime inside the church doing chores, who can blame me? She really looked like that naive! 😀

I loved being her ate. For she was really sweet and thoughtful.
Then she fell in love, and then I saw her loyalty to someone and her faithfulness and love. She did not care, she has never been affected or at least she has not shown it, of what people are talking about her relationship. She has proven to them that they are wrong and that her relationship can not be destroyed by them. She is a strong woman being able to stand all those challenges and responsibilities. She might also be sometimes moody and frank but she is a loyal friend. 

One thing I admire in her is that, wherever, whenever and whatever situation she may be, she would always find her way to the church. Maybe because she was brought up by a pastor father but that faith I see in her is notable.
Years passed and she has changed, from the way she dress, talk, walk, up to her way of thinking about things. She has become more mature and open minded. Since her world has also expanded after she decided to have a job. And now she even gained weight! Yes, she is no longer a shy-skinny-tall girl in the corner but a more confident-sexy-pretty-still tall girl at the back! Nyehehe. She loves picture taking I guess more than she loves my daddidane (:P), and she is really photogenic! 
She loves to sing and write as well. I love that joy on her face every time I give her a notebook. 

She is also appreciative that every time I want to give something away she would always pop on my mind first! Hahaha!

She is a superb sister! I saw how she loves her siblings and how responsible she is in sending them her support. She respects her parents the most, I know for I have never heard her speaking bad of them! What a very good child! 😉  She used to be one of my favorite little sisters but life has thrown a joke on me that made her my ‘mommiko’ which she has played sincerely! Hahaha! She took good care of me and even nagged on me! Tsk! And for that, I will always be thankful.

Lastly she is a youth leader; she has this charisma that makes those young people comfortable in tailing her! There her love and care and listening play the biggest role plus that little ‘toleration’ of their playfulness she always gives them. And she, herself is fun to be with! She has that unique laugh you’ll laugh with her every time you see.

And the most remarkable? Duh! She does not care how she looks! She can go anywhere with whatever! Ahahaha! She has no inhibitions and her simplicity will get you envious if you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror because you are that insecure and unconfident of your look. Perhaps she knows that whatever she wears she is beautiful inside out, being a child of God, that should be.
And now? She has also become a blogger! Whoa! And that I also love. Hahaha. 

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