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Due to busyness with the preparations, I didn’t have much time to really feel that we were getting married. Friends and families would ask me how I feel about me getting married, and I would just answered, “Pressured! I want this wedding to end already, it’s giving me nightmares!” 🙂

I honestly didn’t have the time to internalize how it feels knowing that I’d be getting married in the next few days until December 11, ’12-the day before our wedding. Daniel and I were too busy that day buying all the remaining stuff needed for the wedding. We went to the mall and head off to the venue after to leave the wine there. Then we asked if we can take a peek at the hall where we’d gather for the ceremony. The staff said they could be cleaning the place already but we are welcome to take a look. Then we went there, and we opened the door, and… It’s ready! The place is ready! I was breathless when I saw the scallop and lights already in their place, our names were already posted and everything was set!

We were both quiet for a few seconds then I said, “Oh my gosh Dane, we’re getting married! We’re getting married tomorrow!”

Then I felt something I never felt before-I think the right word to describe it was EXCITEMENT.

This simple note was posted outside to make visitors know where they’re supposed to go. 
Our photo tarpaulin (by Mar Elbert Logroño) right beside the hall entrance.
If you use the right entrance door, this is what you see upon entering… 
The stage-this is where we exchanged vows before the Lord. I can’t help but admire the lights-they’re fantastic!      
I love how our motif was greatly emphasized! 

The candle ceremony… 
Flower 🙂
There’s no word as “perfect wedding”. Each wedding will always have its own flaws. The only thing that I am thankful for during our big day is that God-has exceeded my expectations! He’s so great, He never runs out of surprises! I was so surprised on how the venue looked-totally not what I expected. 

I never dreamed of an extravagant wedding, what I only wanted is that God, during our big day is glorified and we shine because of Him alone. I’ve always wanted our wedding to be memorable for those who attended it, not because it was an expensive wedding but because (couples) remembered the vows they made on their wedding, and that (youth) will be inspired to continue to serve God because it is always amazing how God writes a love story…

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