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“Life” Chapter 24 Page 1 of 365

Photo taken on 12-12-12, 16 days before my birthday…

And so I turned 24 today…I am so thankful to our God Almighty for all the blessings I have for this year. He gave me a healthy body, He gave me a home-based job, He gave me a very supportive family (and 6 people added to the family), He gave me someone I can call a “husband” and a “partner” for life. God is great because He never leaves us, His promises are all true and we just have to really trust Him fully, without any doubt. I can’t thank God enough! He has been so great in my life, He gave me people who care for me, people I can call “friends”, His grace is more than enough! It really is so much more than enough!!!

God is great! Soo great I cannot fathom His greatness! May my life be pleasing unto Him! He alone is worthy to be praised, magnified and glorified. 

And today, on my birthday, I would like to give all the glory and honor back to God and God alone!!! Thank you so much Lord!!! Thank you so much!!

I am a wife…And I am 24! 🙂

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