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The Man I know I love

So, I am so in love with this man I call Dane. I know he loves me too. We’re getting married pretty soon by God’s grace and I’m excited to live a new life with him. 
He’s the person I know I can trust and I can lean on. He knows me more than I know myself. Keeps me smile when I frown, that’s a hard work! But so far, he’s able to manage it well! 
Quarrels-relationship’s nothing without it. And yes, we quarrel. But I would say he’s such a great guy that he doesn’t let the sun go down without us reconciling. I am so blessed to have him.

Most thankful to God for giving him to me and giving us this GREAT FEELING for each other that keeps us going. As we are about to vow for togetherness, my prayer is that God will always guide us and that this love we feel will be treasured and emphasized in our household of faith. I pray that we’ll both still be a great tool and help for his work.
God is great for making people feel how to love and be loved.
This is him holding me. 

Adults act childish too!

Taking things seriously this time 🙂

I created this post on August 13th 2012 but only posted it today. I’ve been very busy nowadays and honestly have no much time to create new posts but I will be doing that again pretty soon.

Right now, there’s something more important that I have to do, and that’s to prepare for our wedding! 🙂

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