WAHM Reflections

The Faithful Servant meets the Lord of Host

Let me just take this time to thank God for the man who God used to bring salvation to our household…

Yesterday, September 15, 2012 I received sad news via FB (Jerahmeel Amlon) and text (Margie Lavareño) that the man whom the AMLON’s always look up, went to be with the Lord and was promoted to glory.
I can’t help but look back how blessed we are for knowing him. My father (Ptr. Nilo Cartagena) will forever be grateful to his family. Hadn’t he known him, he wouldn’t be studying in a bible school, marry a bible woman, and serve the Lord fully as what he has seen in this man’s family. I know how my father looks up to this man with great respect. He was their officiating minister during their wedding and I heard a lot of good things about this man from my father.
He is always considered as the Amlon’s Father of Faith. He and his family’s faithfulness to the work of the Lord is always our example. He and his wife have raised their children well and they are now doing the ministry also since this is what they see in their parents’ lives.
It’s always sad to know faithful servants leave their earthly homes but we can always be at peace knowing that he is in Heaven; a place where there’s no pain, a place of bliss and joy, a place where GOD lives.
He is my Uncle, Pastor Max Amlon: A great father, a faithful minister, a servant of God. I pray for serenity as the family mourns for missing their love one in a while but there is always hope that someday, we will be with the people we love: In God’s paradise.
Dear God, thank you for the life of Ptr. Max Amlon whom you used so greatly to bring the message of salvation to so many souls. I pray that you’d comfort his family as they go through this difficult situation. Thank you for making him a blessing to those who know him.


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