WAHM Personal Diaries

SNHS Class of 2005

Two Sections, about 170 total, fourth batch of graduates (not sure) @ Sagayen National High School, only five met after 7 years. 
L to R : Charly Antigra, Salome Encallado, Marvein Ardientes, Julius Diestro & Nilyn Cartagena. 

April 2005, everyone was excited to finally graduate after four years in high school. Some were thrilled and were talking about going to college, some were just silent knowing that there’s a possibility of them not being able to continue studying. Some were feeling fulfilled of what they’ve achieved. Some were simply thankful for the experience they had that they can keep forever.

Sagayen High School (back then)-a pioneer school located in a very small rural area. During our time, we only had 2 sections (Galileo & Einstein). Our experience were so much different! C.A.T. wasn’t encouraged during our time, we never had JS Prom nor a computer subject but we definitely enjoyed every moment in our high school days. Now, after seven years, it’s amazing that you see “some” (and I mean only four out of a hundred) of your classmates, talking about each others lives, laughing at all the funny things we could remember in high school. Though I wished to meet more of my classmates; time, schedule, distance and sometimes money would never allow. But I am so happy to see some of them here in NCR. 


Original Meeting Place: Quezon City Memorial Circle
Original Plan for food: kwek2x! lol!
Then we met at SM North Edsa instead and had these!
Salome & Me. (I think I grew a little taller, ^_^)

Forget about the Giant behind us! :))) 

They were busy looking outside then I cried for their attention and took them this 😉

The ladies again, hehe.
Crazy people! lol! Our original plan was to imitate them-EPIC FAIL!
Then we had this pregnancy contest!!! hahahaha! can’t stop laughing!
I can’t explain further, it’s a girl thing!!! 

Dear batch mates, I miss you guys! Hope to see more classmates soon :)). 

To those I just met, thank you for this time, I didn’t know it would be really funny to meet your old friends! It’s amazing and overwhelming, I couldn’t help but keep talking! See you guys soon! 🙂 

To the rest of my high school friends, guys, you’re not forgotten. I still hope to see you all someday, but I guess this is not school anymore. Ma’am Gayas and Ma’am Pigan can’t require us not to absent anymore! hahaha! 

Wherever you guys are, stay happy, meet new friends, never forget old friends and stay happy! God bless us all! 🙂

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