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DANE by Jhanysse♥♥♥

Janice Ubaldo granted my request and wrote something about my man. And I have to say I totally agree on everything she said! Can’t help but post!!!

Anybody would have a first impression of him being “gwapo”.

His smile with those cute little dimples is so mischievous it tells you he has such sense of humor.

Initially you’ll think of him as a reserved person whom can not talk much, but eventually you’ll discover he has so much to say you’ll actually get tired of listening to him as he nags at you. 😀

He actually laughs a lot, he seems to be always smiling you can not imagine what life he has been living that if you get to know you’ll be amazed how big is his faith that he was able to stand up and get through all those hardships.

He is also like any other guy, playful. He is fond of making jokes but if you will pay so much attention, his jokes most of the time speak the rebuke his heart can not tell you directly. (Wahehehe). But sometimes he can be so cruel to be brutally honest. He will tell you direct to the point how bad were your actions and yet you will have no time to be offended for as soon as he has spilled it out he will throw a joke and you will get entertained! Ugh! Now that is what makes him one of the youth leaders in the church. 

Though he is also a good musician, I have never seen him play on stage showing off, that unusual humility in his eyes and on his face every time I see him playing always makes me smile. He sure plays good, I know for I am fond of listening particularly on his guitar sound every time. But he seems to not know it. Thus he does not brag of it. His actions never say so. 

He is also a sports man, he loves soccer so much he can sleep with his soccer ball on his embrace. Ehe. (Joke lang ito.) He is a follower of such and admires people who do good in it. 

But the most remarkable on this guy is that he does not, no…He never cares on what others are thinking of him. He seems to be confident on his position on God’s eyes he cares less to people’s opinions. He can still smile to all those people who have talked badly of him behind his back. He is not the type who will change his stand just because he heard other say so. 

He is also a family oriented guy, if there are things that can put that worry look on his face, it is his family. His mother and his brothers. Being the eldest he dreams to extend a helping hand to his single mom on supporting his brothers. He seems to get his loving character and happy perspective from his mother who also smiles a lot.

He has his own way of showing his love and care to others. He might not be the showy-over-acting type of a loving and supportive friend, but he loves you sincerely. He will pray for you and will believe in you no matter what. He might think he is not capable of so many things but he can definitely love and be loyal to you ~ this you can confirm with mommiko. :p

Lastly, he is one of the most appreciative persons I have known. And he does not forget favors. He would always thank you for anything you have done for him. 🙂

~all rights for Janice Ubaldo~

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