WAHM Personal Diaries


Joy is not just plain happiness. It is a feeling of being fulfilled, contented and grateful. Many have been very happy but only some have experienced real joy. 

So why am I talking about joy? Well, because I’m talking about my Joy-Norbie Joy Lanzaderas.
She plays guitar quite well, sing songs nicely, takes pictures like a photography student and edits them. Based on what I see in her, I’d say she’s been using her God-given-gifts effectively.
How did I get to know her? Well, her brother studied at the institution where I was and so I’ve known her before we even met. She was back then in grade school when I first saw her during our Central Luzon Association of Grace churches (CLAG) anniversary in Taft Manila. It’s so funny how aloof shy she was that even if I ask her several times to do a little guitar scaling, she still wouldn’t do it! Darn, I gave up.

Several years have passed and we met again. I was surprised to see how she grew up so fast! I don’t even see in her the shy girl that I first met anymore. She has grown into a lady who has become knowledgeable in improving the talents God has given her and by next year-time flies so fast, she will start going to college already. It’s amazing! 
I love how she appreciates every moment I spend with her. It’s funny that sometimes she does a lot of crazy things like touching or kissing our (her other “ate’s”) pits and then the next time you see her, she’s as serious as our pastor! Fortunately, I know how to cope with her after few years of being with her regularly. 

To those who don’t know her, she may be nobody. To some she may be ordinary but to the people who love her, she’s a jewel-a precious stone that should not be thrown away. Something that has to be kept forever because of its worth. She will always be a sister to me no matter what life brings. My wish for her is prosperity and as she bears her name-I pray that she will always be a joy to those people she know.  

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