Reunited, at last!

     I left home back in 2008 and wasn’t able to visit since then. I have been planning and hoping but I just get the right timing to do so. For the past 3 years I worked and I never neglected my responsibility to help my family considering I am the eldest child. 

     Late last year I made a decision to have my siblings come and visit me instead for summer break. That was the perfect time also since we would be having a biennial fellowship  in a near city. So I started saving from my salary so I can have my siblings come over. It wasn’t easy since very seldom you can avail of the ticket promotions online if you don’t have a credit card to use.  I had to let go of my personal interests first so I can have the three of them come. And God was great, He helped me all throughout!

     March 21, 2012-finally!!!After almost 4 years, I got to see my siblings! 🙂 I was shocked to see my brother who is now taller than me and our youngest all grown up! I just couldn’t expect the happiness…no, it wasn’t happiness-it was JOY! A joy that money can never buy!!!

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