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UPDATED: Just Thinking

Where it All Started

How does it really feel to have a blog site.??
I have so many things in mind, anything that I wanted to say.
So I thought, maybe this is one of the ways to show it.
But I don’t want a noisy site.

I just wanna have it for my own. :))

To avoid hesitations, judgment, prejudice.

My only reason for creating this is to have a site where I can post whatever I wanted to say.

Having a quiet world… of my own.

Post Update:

Today’s August 20, 2018. This first ever blog post just makes me smile! Just look at my punctuations, LOL! The blog meant to have a “quiet world… of my own” is now something I use to share my life and sentiments. How ironic!

I recently migrated from Blogger to WordPress. A lot has changed 7 years later! And I am amazed at how this personal blog became my online journal and a source of small incomes from time to time. All I wanted back then was a site to write my thoughts.

Then I got engaged, got married, got pregnant, became a mother, and that’s when I started maintaining this blog.

Where it all started: The Blog Name

This blog has changed its name so many times! And even now that I am considering changing the blog name, I guess I’ll have to stay with this as it’s been using Above Precious Rubies for quite a long time already. So, yeah, I’m going to stick to this domain name, even though I can’t give justice to it.

My character as a woman is not, and will never be “far above rubies/above precious rubies”. However, I will continue to be a good mother to my son, a wife to my husband, and a family to my loved ones that I can be, all by God’s grace.

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Where it all started: The Blog Journey

I am currently on a cleaning spree on my blog. I’ve been deleting some irrelevant or updating old posts, so you may notice the next post after this was 9 months after. It’s because I deleted many posts that were copy-pasted. Back then, I didn’t know there was a thing called “plagiarism”, or backlinking, or SEO, or any other blogging/website terms that people consider when posting a blog online. I just posted because I liked the message, that’s it!

Thanks to my job, I became exposed to so many blogs and websites. Through these blogs, I was inspired to level up my own. So I started writing about my pregnancy, labor and delivery journey. Then I found several blog communities which helped me connect with other bloggers in the Philippines.

I started joining events and really enjoyed every single one of them and started gaining blogger friends. Many of them I haven’t seen in person yet, some I became really close and I meet up regularly.

Where it all started: Above Precious Rubies now

Even though I don’t often join blog events anymore, and I don’t blog often too, this blog will still have a precious place in my heart. Last month, I was thinking about stopping this blog completely. But here I am, still writing, despite the fact that I’m not an excellent writer. Still writing even though I have grammatical errors and lapses, despite the fact that I’m not sure whether I’ve inspired someone through this blog. I am a work in progress and this blog was, is, and will be with me throughout our journey.

I write. I blog. And I will do this long as I can Because this blog is now a part of my life and I love doing this.

“Big things often have small beginnings.”

4 Replies to “UPDATED: Just Thinking”

    1. Thank you so much. Grabe, salamat kaayo sa imong pag-comment permi. ♥
      Yes, with God’s help, padayunon, bisag usahay mahutdan nag isulat. lol.

  1. Weeeee! When I saw the new layout, I assumed you moved to WordPress and then I read it right. Hahaha Welcome to WordPress!!!

    I still haven’t visited some of my old posts, but what I do is I try to do it from the first then add some necessary updates and info because back then I was just really posting photos with super hort description. Haha like one sentence lang.

    I also had those moments when I want to delete the blog, but I learned not to do it after deleting my first one. I just keep it as it is and let the season of not wanting to blog come to pass because it comes back and I feel all the blog rush again. keep it up! Keep spreading helpful info and glorifying God through writing. 🙂

    1. Thank you, sis! I appreciate your comment! ♥ I’ll keep that in mind. Wala naman din ako planong idelete ang blog completely, naiisip lang minsan na wag ng magpatuloy. HAHA. I still have so many things to learn in WP. lol.

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